What high technologies are used in vending machines?

by:Haloo      2023-03-20
The cold wave came, and I wanted to stay at home every day, especially when I thought of walking several kilometers to the vegetable market, I felt so hopeless. Recently, a fresh vending machine that directly enters the community to sell fruits and vegetables has become a boon for community residents. It used to take more than ten minutes to walk on the road, but now you can go downstairs to buy it. It is so convenient. Not to mention that vending machines do have a positive impact on our lives. So, for those who want to engage in the vending machine industry, how to operate is more beneficial to themselves, and what aspects need to be paid attention to? The Internet of Things vending machine solution is based on communication + application. On the basis of ensuring stable communication capabilities, it can also provide customers with wireless monitoring applications and more value-added service function extensions to help customers realize the image supervision of vending machines through O2O. More earning possibilities. The main architecture includes three parts: intelligent data transmission equipment, cloud management platform and client. 1. Intelligent transmission module The intelligent transmission module is a data acquisition and communication device that integrates data acquisition, protocol conversion, and data transmission independently developed by Yiwang based on the Internet of Things architecture. Provide users with wireless remote data transmission function through GPRS network. 2. Intelligent cloud management platform The intelligent cloud management platform is supported by first-generation technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, and mobile communications, and provides enterprise-level operation and maintenance services, realizing large-scale batch deployment of equipment, intelligent monitoring and alarm, and data-driven Status display, full-dimensional log collection and management services improve service operation and maintenance efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs. 3. The flat design style of the client terminal bids farewell to the stereotyped user interaction interface, allowing end users to experience the consumption process more quickly and conveniently. Vending machines integrate the needs of community residents through high-tech, forming a unique way of vending, which has natural advantages in helping community services. Now the types of goods sold through vending machines are also increasing, expanding from traditional beverages and snacks to more categories, and new changes have taken place in the retail industry as a result. The 21st century is a world dominated by technology. With the help of various high-tech technologies, more vending machines that meet the needs of residents are on the way.
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