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What fees are required to join the unmanned vending machine store?

by:Haloo      2023-06-08
I believe that everyone in 2020 will have a deep feeling for the epidemic, whether it has a great impact on life or work, and the ensuing zero-contact shopping has become a generally accepted trend. In this way, the risk of personnel gathering and contact is avoided to a certain extent. And the emergence of the new retail model has played a certain role in promoting the unmanned vending machine store. The development advantages and prospects are clearly displayed, and people have easily accepted this new type of shopping experience. So what are the costs of unmanned vending machine stores? 1. The equipment cost of the vending machine itself The equipment cost of the vending machine itself is the most expensive item in the industry. There are various types of vending machines with different configurations and different prices. Our main purpose is unmanned retail. In the process of selecting vending machines, it is recommended to meet the demand with the lowest investment. 2. Vending airport site costs Compared with the high rent of traditional stores, vending machines also require site costs. However, vending machines can be placed outdoors without any restrictions on the venue, so the related venue costs are not high, and some do not require venue fees. 3. The cost of goods in the vending machine If the vending machine wants to make money, then you must sell things, buy low and sell high. No matter what type of merchandise you sell, you will need to stock your vending machine with some merchandise. 4. The vending machine is an automatic machine, and occasionally the equipment fails to generate some maintenance costs. This cost is not a long-term investment. As long as you choose a good brand and do a good job in daily maintenance, the maintenance cost does not exist. Unmanned vending machine stores are very suitable for individual entrepreneurship, because the cost is low, there is no need to pay high rent and labor costs, and there is no need to decorate the store. One mobile phone and one machine can achieve business, but it is also There are many issues to consider. First of all, cost is a primary issue, and all costs must be taken into consideration. The above are some of the costs required by the unmanned vending machine store, you can make a reference.
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