What aspects should be considered when buying a vending container?

by:Haloo      2021-03-18
When choosing unmanned vending machines, because many investors have not been exposed to spring machines, snake machines, crawler machines, addressing machines, snack vending machines, fresh and cold super vending machines, lattice cabinets, etc. How to distinguish between models, so what should I consider when choosing a vending cabinet? 1. Consideration of the price of vending machines. The price of vending machines is a problem that all buyers pay more attention to. The prices of different manufacturers are different. But if you only care about the price, the Chinese have a saying that you get what you pay for, for any industry. Everything is true, because its price is related to the quality of the product and the use of parts and accessories. These things often determine the service life and failure rate of a machine, so when choosing the price, you must refer to a few more and do more. Compared. 2. The choice of manufacturers. With the rapid development of the vending industry, many small companies and irregular enterprises have entered it, so choosing a regular vending machine manufacturer is the primary issue, which is related to the quality of your machine and the later service. Guarantee, because this is not only a one-time transaction, but also a lot of after-sales and upgrade issues in the later stage. Avoid that your machine is still in use later, but the manufacturer has not been able to find it, which is equivalent to losing your machine. Third, the basic configuration of the vending machine 1. Intelligent temperature control through energy-saving compressors, refrigeration with low energy consumption, low noise, energy saving, greatly reducing operating costs. 2. Payment methods The mainstream payment methods of Alipay, WeChat, and cash are now combined to suit all age groups. It also includes some original paper coin changers for specific banknotes, automatic cycle change, no banknotes, dual magnetic identification of banknotes and counterfeit money. 3. The all-steel fuselage sheet with high-quality safety performance makes the cabinet more durable, and the anti-theft machine prolongs the service life; the use of double-layer window tempered glass is stronger and more durable than the general unmanned vending machine on the market, and is more environmentally friendly ; Customized GPRS surveillance camera anti-theft alarm system can realize remote monitoring, alarm, surveillance, video recording and other functions. 4. Cargo lane configuration can be configured according to the needs of sales to ensure the normal sales process of goods, and there will be no jams and less failures. In the selection of cargo lanes, you can refer to the following ways to choose S-shaped stacked cargo lanes to sell beverages, and sell snacks and daily necessities. Choose spring spiral cargo lanes, crawler cargo lanes or multi-door lattice cabinets to ensure that the cargo lanes will not be stuck when shipped goods. At the same time, you can contact for customization, and configure the cargo lane parameters according to your needs. Fourth, the cloud platform system and later technical support for machine matching need to know whether the manufacturer provides a cloud platform for system management of the machine, including daily sales and operation data, failure usage, etc., which facilitates operation and greatly reduces operating costs. The above introduces the aspects that need to be considered when buying a vending container, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. That's it for this time, see you next time. Previous: Which one is better to buy vending cabinets? Can investing in adult products vending machines make money? Next: How about investing in vending cabinets? What are the daily maintenance of vending cabinets?
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