What are the ways for unmanned vending machines to connect to the Internet? How to choose?

by:Haloo      2021-10-18
With the rapid development of e-commerce and mobile payment, a variety of unmanned self-service devices have gradually emerged. These unmanned self-service devices all need to be connected to the Internet. Unmanned vending machines are no exception. Networking methods generally include network cables, wifi, sim card. Everyone knows the network cable connection. The crystal head broadband network cable used in desktop computers has the advantage of stable signal and no interference, but the disadvantage is also fatal. In many places, it is too troublesome to pull the network cable. Some devices that require mobile work are not available. It is possible to use wifi for devices that do not require high signal quality. Due to its low signal quality, it is easy to be cracked. It is really improper to use in unmanned vending machines. More importantly, wifi is generally a network cable extension. It also needs to install broadband. There is also a sim card. The mobile phone card we usually use is a kind of sim card. There are many types of sim cards. The sim card dedicated to unmanned self-service equipment such as unmanned vending machines is also called the Internet of Things card and mobile phone card. Different, the Internet of Things card does not have SMS and voice services, but only data traffic services. Now 3G/4G networks are generally used. The onboard computer in the unmanned vending machine is an industrial computer. Generally, the Android system also has a touch screen, which is similar to the mobile phone system, but has better stability and no messy software installed. It is divided into telecommunications, China Unicom, and mobile systems. Or all-take-all Netcom, which is basically the same as Android phones. Because the 3/4G signal quality of telecommunications, China Unicom, and China Mobile is different in different places, in order for the unmanned vending machine to work better online, it is necessary to select the appropriate sim card according to the specific situation. For example, a certain place only has If Unicom's 4G signal is good, then the unmanned vending machine will be equipped with Unicom's 4G IoT card, which means that whoever has a good signal will use the card. This is a major premise. Although the industrial computer on the unmanned vending machine is generally compatible with ordinary mobile phone data cards, there are always special circumstances. Some ordinary mobile phone cards are really not easy to use on the unmanned vending machine. The intuitive performance is that it is easy to go offline. Therefore, it is best to use the IoT card recommended by the unmanned vending machine manufacturer or a card that has passed the manufacturer's test and stability. Remarks: As a professional vending machine manufacturer, haloo has a variety of unmanned vending machine solutions.
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