What are the skills of self-service vending machines to choose the investment address?

by:Haloo      2021-11-25
Choosing the investment address of the self-service vending machine is the key to operating surplus. Picking a suitable and low-cost location can bring a steady stream of customer traffic to your self-service vending machine store. So, how to choose a good store location , The investment price of the store should be summarized and compared based on the composition of the city where the store is located, the number of people in the distance, the operation team, and the situation of the future plan to determine the specific investment address. 1. Considering the composition of personnel, whether it is a new store or a second-hand store, the main factor in deciding whether to win or lose is the local consumers. Therefore, when choosing a store, it is necessary to compare the purchases of local consumers. Generally speaking, assuming a large number of local personnel are imported, and most of them are white-collar workers with strong consumption skills, common sense in economics tells us that our consumption level will be proportional to income, so the region will accommodate more Chinese goods monopoly. Store, and then promote the rise in the level of housing money in the region. 2. Considering the distance and the number of people, the number of people arriving is determined to a large extent. Generally speaking, whether it is a wealthy city center or a newcomer commercial upstart, all have the characteristics of convenient transportation. Therefore, whether it is a new store or a second-hand store, assuming that the traffic situation is not very ambitious, it also indicates that there will not be much room for growth in the future. Of course, you need to be careful that you cannot choose shops close to Agile traffic arteries. Although such shops have the characteristics of high traffic convenience, people cannot get off the bus and cannot bring popularity.
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