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What are the self-help vending machine application places

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
No self-help vending machine looks solid, fetch mouth install anti-theft plate, showcase USES the three layers of tempered glass, strong and durable. No self-help vending machine is very convenient for consumers, its applicable site is as follows: 1, Internet cafes places Internet cafes, Internet cafes cashier at the front desk. 2, the campus place: university city, middle school, education institutions, school canteen. 3, business reception: busy store, 4 s shops, real estate company. 4, office, office building, the foreign capital enterprise, taiwan-funded enterprises, large office, rest area. 5, business places: large store entrance, pedestrian street, commercial street. 6, work place: marriage gauze, cake shop, coffee shop, cinema club, leisure, hotels, cinemas, fast food, gym, beauty salon, hotel, bar, KTV, hotel, playroom. : 7, public library, railway stations, airports, XianXieZhan, exhibition. The vending machine for large high transparent showcase, direct visual products, can cause people to buy the idea. My company into the factory the vending machine parts and finished products pass strict quality inspection, quality is reliable, long service life, welcome to inquire. Place, nobody, self-help vending machine, the vending machine, Internet cafes,, busy city, cars, taiwan-funded enterprises, hotel
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