What are the requirements for the application of vending machines in schools

by:Haloo      2022-03-20
Vending machines are often placed in school areas. What are the requirements for placing them in schools? 1. There are many vending machines in the school's dormitory building, teaching building, canteen, library and other places, far away from the school's convenience store. 2. The number of school activities exceeds 500 people. 3. The place where the vending machine is placed must have a power plug. 4. The vending machine is placed in the school's interior. If it is to be placed outdoors, the corresponding shelter equipment should be constructed to ensure that it can block the wind and rain. 5. The vending machine should be placed in a place with a camera, and it should also have basic fire-fighting equipment. 6. The surrounding traffic of the vending machine should be convenient to facilitate the replenishment of the supply in the vending machine.
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