What are the reasons for the high cost of vending machines?

by:Haloo      2021-04-19
A vending machine is a machine that automatically delivers goods based on the coins you put in. Vending machines are commonly used equipment for commercial automation, and are not affected by time and place, saving manpower and convenient transactions. It is a brand new form of commercial retail, also known as a 24-hour micro supermarket. However, the people who run it know that its cost is high, so what is the reason for the high cost? 1. The vending machine must not only consider the current policy of cooperation with famous brands, but also consider the profit of product sales, whether it can generate other income, and the additional use value of the equipment, etc., and comprehensively choose the one that suits you. 2. The capital investment cost and capital investment cost of the vending machine are related to the following factors: the option or the franchise agent. The cost of capital investment between the two is definitely different, and the cost of options is higher than that of franchising agents. The total number of equipment in use. 3. All location-point resources, location-point rent costs. Expenses incurred during the entire operation, such as commodity costs, equipment maintenance costs, etc. In fact, no matter what kind of vending machine you choose, choose the right positioning point, master the business model, and do your usual maintenance work, there are a lot of detailed information, please keep paying attention to us. I hope that the above introduction will be helpful to everyone, please feel free to consult.
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