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What are the purchasing skills of smart vending machines?

by:Haloo      2022-01-15
[Henan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.: Intelligent vending machine, vending machine, unmanned vending machine, unmanned vending machine, unmanned intelligent vending machine] What are the smart vending machine purchasing skills? When joining the smart vending machine industry, the choice of equipment is crucial. A good brand not only has good machine quality and low failure rate, but also good after-sales service. The quality of software and hardware are excellent, which can almost save a lot of maintenance costs, thereby improving efficiency and increasing profits. So, which smart vending machine is better? How to choose the brand of smart vending machine? Next, the Henan Smart Editor will take you to find out: Which smart vending machine is better? Unmanned vending machines are actually not good or bad, only whether they are suitable for you. When choosing an unmanned vending machine, relevant market research can be conducted. Before choosing a vending machine brand, you must first understand the smart vending machine market in your city. If the living standards of the vending machine consumer group cannot reach a higher standard, then don't choose that high-end machine or cannot sell expensive goods. In addition, it is necessary to investigate whether the selected brand owners have a good reputation and whether they are widely popular in the market. This can directly ask the selected brand company for the simple sales data of the smart vending machine. If you don't know which one to choose, we suggest you consult the intelligent customer service first, we can answer all your questions, welcome to consult. How to choose a smart vending machine? Before preparing to join the smart vending machine industry, many people do not actually know the types of equipment on the market, such as lattice machines, spring machines, crawler machines, and scan code opening doors. Before choosing, you should first determine which products you want to sell, such as beverages and snacks, choose a grid spring machine, and then have a preliminary and in-depth understanding. 1. The price of unmanned vending machines. Price is an issue that everyone is very concerned about. Operators should not only pay attention to the unit price, but also pay attention to the service life of the machine. Sometimes the price difference is small, but the service life is quite different. 2. The quality of unmanned vending machines. Check the thickness of the circuit board and the selected material. The insulation layer adopts low-cost insulation board, or adopts the overall liquid foaming technology, whether the cash register system supports Alipay and WeChat face payment, etc. 3. What is the failure rate of the machine and the damage rate of the goods? This is as far as possible to conduct on-site inspections of business companies, mainly reflected in the control system, drive motors and other aspects. 4. Whether it has a cooling function. Most smart vending machines usually require a cooling function. Is the effect good? Is it the selected tubular inverter compressor for vending machines? All these need to be taken into consideration. In short, there are many aspects to consider when choosing an unmanned intelligent vending machine. Welcome to inquire
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