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What are the processes for vending machines operate and detail requirements

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Today, many stores operators face many difficulties in the operation. Costs rise, the increase of the influence of online stores and shops rent has led to a significant portion of the loss of profit. The increased cost of personnel that many investors are concerned about the vending machine of investment management, the old operator quite familiar with the new operator, and not sure what the vending machine operation requires the program. In the vending machine sell things, in fact, the same as in the entity shop sell things. Must apply for a business license, tax registration certificate, food business license, etc. Specific procedure is as follows: to apply to individual business license need to industrial and commercial department. Applicable to the jurisdiction of the business office. To apply for a business license, you need to enter the district administrative service center of industrial and commercial window. To deal with the individual business license and industrial license in accordance with the procedures to handle the business license; For approval in advance, within the scope of services must be to relevant departments for approval in advance. The literature. Especially in terms of food, you need to your area or county food drug administration (fda) to apply for business license. The specific procedures in accordance with the regulations of the county food and drug administration.
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