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What are the payment methods for unmanned vending machines?

by:Haloo      2023-06-09
There are 4 payment methods for vending machines: 1. The most commonly used payment method for vending machines is cash payment, which is to put in banknotes or coins directly, and then the vending machine will automatically deliver the goods, and then decide according to the price of the commodity and the denomination of the cash you put in. Do you want change? This is also the earliest payment method used by vending machines! 2. There is another kind of payment by swiping a card. By installing a pos machine (swiping various UnionPay cards) or other IC card (employee card, student card, bus card, etc.) system identification terminal modules on the vending machine, it can be easily It is convenient to shop on vending machines, which has the advantages of fast shopping speed and low failure rate. However, everyone in China has not developed the habit of swiping cards for shopping, and it is not a mainstream payment method in the vending machine industry. 3. The most popular mobile payment is Alipay and WeChat, which are basically two payment methods that every young person must have. These days, young people who do not have Alipay and WeChat are embarrassed to go out. Because of Alipay and WeChat, everyone only needs to bring a mobile phone when going out. All kinds of UnionPay cards and cash can be dispensed with, and all kinds of shopping needs can be handled with mobile phones. 4. The most novel thing is face recognition payment. After registering an account with a mobile phone and granting Alipay payment authority, select the product and choose face recognition payment. You only need to shake your head in front of the camera, and the vending machine will receive the payment and go out. Goods, more fun. Of course, this novel payment method is still in the pilot promotion stage, and it is believed that it will be popularized in the near future.
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