What are the methods of operation and management of vending machines?

by:Haloo      2021-12-06
The vending machine is a highly intelligent product with the advantages of unattended operation, low operating cost, no language barriers, and convenient operation. With these characteristics, we should make good use of these characteristics to operate and manage, then how to operate and manage to get good results, let's talk about the specific methods: 1. A dedicated person is responsible for the operation and management of the vending machine, and at the same time Ensure the normal operation of vending machines. In addition, the provided goods shall be sold at the market retail price, and shall not be higher than its retail price. 2. Count the turnover of vending machines once a week. 3. Choose a good supplier rigorously, and don't want to be cheap. 4. Inventory every month to ensure that the purchases, sales, and inventory are consistent. 5. Establish and improve the electronic purchase and sales accounting system of the vending machine, and record the name, specification, quantity, production date, shelf life, supplier contact information, etc. of the food at all times. 6. Strictly control purchases, eliminate counterfeit and inferior products, and resolutely refrain from selling three-no foods and expired and spoiled foods on vending machines to ensure consumers' health. The above is the management method of the vending machine, there is more you want to know, please continue to pay attention to our website or call the smart official website
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