What are the main operating modes of vending machines?

by:Haloo      2021-07-23
What are the main operating modes of vending machines? The editor of Dongguan vending machine will tell you about the main operation mode of vending machine, and let’s take a look. 1. The main operating modes of vending machines are mainly as follows: 1. The first category: direct purchase. The customer buys the manufacturer's machine and puts it directly. 2. The second category: cooperative leasing. The customer rents the machine, operates it on its own, and is responsible for all the operating procedures. 3. The third category: free delivery. The customer provides free placement space, the manufacturer is responsible for all the affairs of the machine and operation, and the two parties negotiate the sharing of operating profits. 2. The profit sources and main costs of vending machines 1. The main source of profit is to sell beverages and food through vending machines. The prices of goods sold in Dongguan vending machines are mostly the same as those sold in supermarkets and other stores. Many people choose to buy their target goods from vending machines in the neighborhood or work building nearby. During the operation of the vending machine, there is no need for a salesperson to be around the clock, and the payment behavior can also be completed independently by the consumer. The operator only needs to replenish the goods on a regular basis without paying high labor costs, thereby increasing the operating profit of the vending machine . Point selling fee and shelf fee. Operators can rent out their own vending machines to other operators to obtain profits. Use vending machines for advertising. Vending machine advertisements mainly refer to video advertisements and body advertisements on the screen, which are adopted by many businesses. 2. The main cost is high. Maintenance costs are one of the bottlenecks in the development of unmanned vending machines. Often, the money made by unmanned vending machines in a month is not enough for one maintenance fee. Compared with supermarkets, vending machine operators have fewer purchases and do not have a significant advantage in commodity prices. The high site fee also hinders the development of vending machines. In some better locations, the monthly site fee for a vending machine is a considerable expense. Property expenses. If the operation is to a certain level and the market needs to be expanded, the transportation management is on the replenishment of the goods, and professional sales personnel are responsible for replenishment. If you need to know more about Dongguan vending machines, please click to enter our company's official website, you can find more relevant information.
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