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What are the losses of vending machines

by:Haloo      2023-03-26
With its unique advantages, vending machines are becoming an investment project for many people, but in the process of operation, many people find that the loss caused by commodity loss is very disturbing. This involves the control of details when the vending machine is in operation. Commodity loss generally refers to the inability to sell, sell at a reduced price, loss or return of commodities due to various reasons, including other incidental losses due to commodity reasons. There are generally the following reasons for the loss of vending machine goods: 1. Commodity acceptance error: due to the lax inspection of the goods delivered by the commodity supplier, the loss of goods is caused. Commonly, such as received products with damaged packaging, the shelf life is lower than Specified products, counterfeit products and missing quantities, etc. 2. Losses caused by improper storage: due to improper storage environment, temperature, humidity, and insufficient insect and rodent protection, product deterioration is also one of the common reasons for product loss. Therefore, qualified warehouse management is very important for business operations. 3. Damage during transportation: Since the goods need to be transported from the warehouse to the equipment or other storage points, during this process, if the staff is not serious, or the goods are not handled and stored in strict accordance with the requirements, the goods will also be lost. . 4. External theft: Like some thieves and repeat criminals, they will also steal the goods and change in the vending machine in the middle of the night when no one is around. With mobile payment, traditional coin-operated vending machines are not only inconvenient, but also cause greater losses in case of theft. 5. Commodity loss due to equipment failure: Due to the uneven quality of domestic vending machines and complex sources of system equipment, and the poor compatibility between equipment and some special bottle types, many equipment may be lost during the sales process. There is a large number of shipments, so all products that enter the equipment for actual sales must undergo internal testing before going on the road. 6. Losses caused by product safety issues: In the early stage, checks were not strict, and subsequent products caused consumer complaints due to deterioration and expiration. Although the situation of punishment by regulatory authorities is a small probability event in the industry, it still happens occasionally, so it has attracted attention. Although the operation and management of vending machines is very easy and simple, operators should still pay attention to the details. In order to avoid excessive loss, the operation should do regular inventory and inspection of goods, and check the equipment of vending machines. It is best to have corresponding technical anti-theft measures.
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