What are the initial investment costs of vending machines

by:Haloo      2023-04-01
Contactless shopping without retail, whether it is a part-time job or a sideline investment, is a good choice. Many investors struggle with money before investing. The cost of vending machines makes you no longer entangled and missed opportunities. What are the main costs of investing in a vending machine? 1. The equipment cost of the vending machine itself: The equipment cost of the vending machine itself is the most expensive item in the industry's operations. There are many types of vending machines, with different configurations and different prices. Our main purpose is unmanned retail. In the process of selecting a vending machine, it is recommended to meet the demand with low investment. Determine some additional items according to the actual situation. For example, when you first start to test the effect, there is no need to buy the configuration and it is not practical. You can buy the basic scanning version for the high-priced unmanned vending machine. After accumulating a wealth of operating experience, you can choose some practical functional configurations according to the actual situation of the point crowd. 2. Site cost of vending machines: Compared with traditional stores, vending machines also require site costs. However, vending machines can be placed outdoors without any restrictions on the venue, so the cost of the relevant venue is not high, and some do not require a venue. And you are operating well, and many places can be opened at zero cost by sharing profits. In the process of actually operating the vending machine, there are different places and different points. Zero or low cost can be achieved in different ways. 3. The cost of goods in the vending machine: No matter what type of goods you sell, you need to prepare some goods for the vending machine. This cost varies according to different commodity types, and the cost is also different. Generally 2-3000 yuan can start. Such as our common drinks, snacks, adult products, etc. This cost is generally not too high. It can be chosen based on some design research at first. There are some operational experiences later, which can be selected based on big data. 4. Management and maintenance costs of vending machines: vending machines will incur some management costs during operation, that is, labor costs, but this cost is basically negligible, and operators can use their spare time to replenish and clean up inventory. Vending machines are automatic machines, and occasional equipment failures will incur some maintenance costs. This cost is not a long-term investment. As long as you choose a brand and do a good job in daily maintenance, the maintenance cost will not exist. With the development of technology, today's unmanned vending machines are getting closer and closer to miniature convenience stores. Utilizing big data analysis, the unmanned vending machine will become a user-centered, ultra-miniature convenience store that can be seen everywhere without being limited by space, allowing users to buy their favorite products at the downstairs of the company and at the door of their homes. .
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