What are the increased channels of vending machines?

by:Haloo      2023-03-31
Dongguan unmanned vending machine, the type, structure and function of modern vending machines depend on the type of goods sold, covering a wide range of goods, whether beverages, snacks, fruits or fresh, the things sold are also It is even more varied, almost covering the daily needs of life, and can be sold through vending machines. The payment method has changed from the coin-operated mode at the beginning, to payment, and then developed to various payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, or Yipay, and the operation methods of vending machines have become diverse. In the next five years, Dongguan's vending machines and the huge increase in unmanned vending machine channels will mainly come from the following five aspects: Expanding categories and focusing on health are the general trend of the global vending machine industry. China's smart Internet vending machines and mobile payment technologies are at the forefront of the world. Brand exclusive vending machines have become a new direction in the market. Vending machines will become the brand's new product promotion channel and marketing medium. Expanding to more regions and places, vending machines will be everywhere. What are the methods of R&D and operation of automatic after-sales machines? (1) Vending machines can not only sell goods, but also provide services. Just like Japanese drugstores and living centers, Japanese vending machines not only sell goods, but also provide services. This form of service includes providing users with Wi-Fi, charging plugs, etc. However, there is no such game in the country for the time being. (2) Intelligent elements such as face and voice recognition may attract more consumers to the vending machine business. Domestic consumers are relatively young, and cool technology will become a major selling point for attracting consumption. The explosive growth of smart vending machines has huge potential: compared with the global market, the current stock of vending machines in the world is close to 19 million, and the stock of vending machines in China is nearly 300,000. In terms of per capita share, Japan is about 27 people/set, the United States is 62 people/set, and the Chinese market is 4610 people/set. With reference to the per capita ownership of vending machines in the United States and Japan, there is huge room for improvement. Vending machines entered the domestic market in the 1990s. Before 2016, they relied on exports to drive the growth of the industry. In 2017, the sales volume in the industry accounted for 55%, and the growth rate was as high as 64%. From the point of view of the sales area of ​​vending machines in Dongguan, the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions are areas where vending machines are widely penetrated and the market is mature. More than 60% of the vending machines are laid in these regions. The number of vending machines in the Bohai Rim region is also gradually increasing. With the development of urbanization, the living standards of people in third- and fourth-tier cities are improving year by year, and the market demand for vending machines in emerging local markets will gradually be released, and the future development is worthy of attention.
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