What are the differences between vending machine manufacturers and how to judge their strength

by:Haloo      2021-10-03
With the development and popularization of unmanned retail in recent years, more and more companies have begun to set foot in the unmanned retail field. Enterprises engaged in the production of vending machines have sprung up like bamboo shoots. Difficult to choose. Let's briefly talk about the characteristics of powerful vending machine manufacturers. 1. Complete hardware Ru0026D and processing capabilities. The ability here is subdivided into two major aspects: ①The research and development and processing of box sheet metal is relatively less difficult, and regular machinery manufacturers generally have this ability. ②Snake-shaped cargo lanes are developed and processed, and the threshold is very high. This is a dedicated cargo lane for beverage vending machines. At present, there are no more than three domestic manufacturers with mature snake-shaped cargo lane Ru0026D and processing capabilities. This type of high-end cargo lane has a relatively complex structure, requires very high processing accuracy and technology, and has a relatively large investment in early Ru0026D. Take haloo's serpentine cargo channel as an example. The early development of templates used up millions of scientific research funds, and the cost of later debugging and modification was only a lot more. Ordinary companies are unable to bear the costs and risks. Once Ru0026D fails, they will face the risk of bankruptcy. This is why only a handful of two or three companies have mastered this kind of cargo transportation technology. 2. Complete system software development capabilities. This is a certain difficulty for general vending machine manufacturers, because the development of vending machine system software is a long-term work, and it needs to be perfectly compatible with the vending machine hardware. It needs to be modified and debugged continuously during use to meet the needs of the market. New demand. Haloo Beijing branch has a strong vending machine system software development team, which is rare among vending machine manufacturers. 3. Perfect after-sales system. Relatively speaking, vending machines are a novelty. At present, they are far less popular than refrigerators and freezers. If they break, you can find a home appliance repairer. The accessories of vending machines from different manufacturers cannot be used in common, so that the original manufacturer can only send someone to repair it if it is broken. After-sales is an impossible task for small manufacturers, and at most they can only cover their local area. Halo is different. Major first- and second-tier cities across the country have a haloo after-sales team and cover the surrounding third- and fourth-tier cities as well as county towns and villages. We all know that the spring delivery machine in the vending machine is relatively simple. All the accessories and parts can be bought ready-made for assembly. Some small hand-workshop-style companies do this. Customize some chassis shells from a nearby sheet metal manufacturer, and then purchase some springs from the Internet for assembly. As for the system program, buy a set of several hundred and several thousand dollars online and use it first, or find a programmer and modify it at will. Don't ask for safety and stability, just keep it alive. The stability of such a machine can be imagined, and there must be problems often! Go to the after-sales service if something goes wrong? What? Do you think a company of this kind has after-sales services? What bike do you want? ! Therefore, when purchasing unmanned vending equipment, be sure to find a strong vending machine manufacturer, and use it with ease in the early stage. In case of problems, the after-sales will also be guaranteed.
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