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What are the characteristics of vending machines?

by:Haloo      2021-07-31
What are the characteristics of vending machines? Vending machine equipment can greatly reduce labor costs. Many inappropriate places can be placed in vending machines to seize business opportunities, such as the library of the teaching building, the waiting room of the station, the entrance and exit of the subway platform, the entrance of the factory workshop, and the outpatient clinic of the hospital. Hall etc. Hospital outpatient hall and so on. Today I will introduce you to the features and price range of vending machines. 1. Multi-door lattice cabinet type vending machine The multi-door lattice cabinet type vending machine is the cheapest type among vending machines. The system-less lattice cabinet is generally around 5-7 thousand yuan, but it cannot be used alone. It can be linked to a smart vending machine with a system; the lattice cabinet with a system is generally around 8-9 thousand and can be used alone. The advantage of the multi-door lattice cabinet is that it can be equipped with some packages that are relatively large and heavier or irregular in shape or composed of multiple commodities. 2. Spring/track vending machine This kind of vending machine has a long history and the most mature technology. Among them, the crawler track is a subspecies of the spring track. The general principle is the same, through the spring or the track. Push the product out. The price of spring/track vending machines is generally more than 10,000 to more than 20,000, depending on the size and configuration. The advantage of the spring/track vending machine is that it can sell a variety of small commodities. Many biscuits, bread, dairy products, beverages, and daily necessities can be sold on it, which is more versatile. 3. Beverage vending machines with serpentine cargo lanes (S-shaped stacked cargo lanes). This cargo lane appeared later and is also the most advanced cargo lane. It is suitable for selling all kinds of bottled and canned beverages, and it also requires more mechanical processing. High, generally galvanized steel sheet is cut and processed by a high-precision laser cutting machine. Except for the small shortcoming of only selling beverages, it is basically all the advantages: durable and durable, long service life, good heat preservation of the machine, low power consumption, high space utilization, simple maintenance and convenient replenishment. Relatively speaking, the price of this kind of vending machine is relatively high. The small one is more than 10,000, and the large one is more than 20,000. However, considering the much lower operating cost of the vending machine, long service life and extremely low The failure rate is worthwhile in the long run. 4. Integrated commodity machine with automatic lift. This combined cargo lane is also developed from the spring/track cargo lane. There is an additional set of automatic lift system, the shipment is very stable, and it can sell goods that are afraid of falling or being touched, such as Commodities in glass bottles, fruits and vegetables, box lunches, eggs, etc. The goods sold by this type of vending machine are often relatively large, so the overall size of the vending machine is also very large, the structure is also very complicated, and the price is relatively high, generally about 30,000 yuan. If you need to know more information about vending machines, please click to enter our company's official website, you can find more relevant information.
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