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What are the advantages of shared fruit and vegetable stores?

by:Haloo      2023-09-10
Nowadays, in order to better meet people's needs, more and more fresh devices appear on the market. Naturally, it is also due to the rapid development of the times, and everyone must keep up with the trend of the times. For example, you often see shared fruit and vegetable stores in some communities. When many people hear this type of equipment for the first time, they don't even know what it is used for. And it can only be used in our communities, especially in places where many people live. What are the advantages of shared fruit and vegetable stores? 1. What are the advantages of shared fruit and vegetable stores? Scan QR code on WeChat for contactless shopping: Use WeChat to scan the QR code on the door, and when you hear the popping sound of the anti-theft lock, you can open the door and choose; open the door and pick up fruit to choose from, and the name, price, and weight of the product will be simultaneously displayed on the phone Wait for the basic information; after the selection is completed, the WeChat account will be automatically closed when the cabinet door is closed. The whole process of contactless shopping is smart, safe and convenient. 2. What are the advantages of shared fruit and vegetable stores? Contactless shopping with membership card swiping: Middle-aged and elderly people who don't know how to use WeChat very much don't need to worry, it is compatible with self-service shopping with membership card swiping. First of all, put the membership card close to the card sensing area of ​​the shared fruit and vegetable store, tap the corresponding door number of the fruit and vegetable you want to choose, and when you hear the sound of the anti-theft lock popping up, you can open the door and choose. After the selection is completed, the payment can be automatically deducted when the door is closed. The mobile phone bound with the stored-value card will receive a reminder of the content of the settlement information, listing the shopping list in detail: what food you bought, how much you spent, and how much balance is left on the card. It is simple and clear, and the actual operation is simple and convenient. Go without queuing. 3. Disinfect the cabinet with medical alcohol, and wear disposable gloves when purchasing and exchanging goods. During the epidemic, in order to ensure the safety of customers, the store sprayed the cabinet with alcohol every day, and wiped the door handle with alcohol to carry out disinfection many times. The courier brother wears disposable gloves during the purchase and exchange of goods to reduce the hidden danger of the spread of the new crown virus. From the perspective of customers, the store has conscientiously implemented safe and effective multi-faceted protective measures, so that customers in the street community can rest assured to buy and eat. Therefore, during the pneumonia epidemic, business has been extremely hot, with sales up to three times as high as before and continuing to rise. Haloo shared fruit and vegetable store is a combination of unmanned vending system, shared self-pickup system, online shopping mall system and other software systems, creating a complete set of intelligent unmanned fruit and vegetable new retail ecological chain system. If you just graduated and want to start a business but suffer from lack of strong start-up capital, you can choose Haloo shared fruit and vegetable store; if you are engaged in traditional fruit and vegetable business and want to expand your business model, first choose Haloo shared fruit and vegetable store; if you have a stable income and want to open A lucrative and promising sideline business, Haloo is your smart choice for fruit and vegetable shops.
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