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What are the advantages of putting vending machines in schools

by:Haloo      2021-03-06
Do you know what are the advantages of putting vending machines in schools? Let’s take a look with the author!!!    1. There are many people, consumption vitality, and expansion points. There are many schools in the first batch launched by Youbao that year , They have verified the feasibility of the market, I think this risk is not a big problem.  2. Students have a strong ability to accept new things, much better than outsiders, so mobile payment should become a more practical way, and you can even consider canceling the paper money change payment method. How to connect requires you to consider applying for the interface. 3. The students' demand for beverages and snacks is relatively single. A good plan for product updates and follow-up will help increase sales. The vending machine itself is a derivative of fast-moving consumer goods, so we must grasp the fundamental principle of fast-moving. .  4. There are many points inside the school, you have to put them where you want to do a field survey, or ask your classmates to do a small-scale market survey, this information comes quickly, and his family is more willing to help.   5. If it is a large-screen machine, you can consider advertising after launching. Small-scale and small-cycle advertising operation strategies. Don't consider the large-cycle cost model. The number of machines is limited and not suitable. Previous post: Analysis of the advantages of vending machines?
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