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What are the advantages of lattice vending machines, lattice vending machine manufacturers

by:Haloo      2022-05-21
What are the advantages of the lattice vending machine, what are the advantages of the lattice vending machine manufacturer Convenient to serve the public, more and more loved by everyone. What are the advantages of lattice cabinet vending machines? From the functional structure of the cargo channel, there are many types of vending machines, such as clip-type slope cargo channels, drawer-type spring crawler cargo channels, and multi-door lattice cabinets. Different cargo lanes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here we mainly introduce the vending machine of the multi-door lattice cabinet type. Multi-door lattice cabinets are similar to common express cabinets. A certain number of lattices are assembled in groups, and each lattice has a separate control mechanism to control the switch of its own door. It adopts the industrial computer control of Android system, and uses the 3/4G signal to connect to the network through the 3/4G module. Before, someone said that the low space utilization rate of the grid cabinet is a big disadvantage. In fact, this needs to be thought in another way. If each grid is filled with goods, the space utilization rate in all vending machines is yes! The vending machine of the lattice cabinet type has the following advantages: 1. The cost is low, no special process and components are involved, the structure is also very simple, and the production and processing are easy. 2. Flexible delivery, multi-door lattice cabinet vending machines can be made very thin and easily miniaturized, which is not only convenient for transportation, but also can be placed in various corners and corners. The scope of application is much larger than that of vending machines in other cargo lanes. . 3. Don't get stuck, don't get stuck, don't get stuck, say important things three times! Because of its special shipping method, there is no possibility of jamming, which reduces the complaint rate of operations. 4. The range of products that can be sold is wide, and there are no requirements for product packaging. As long as the size can be put in, it can be sold, and multiple products can be sold together in a package, which is not comparable to other vending machines. 5. More energy saving and environmental protection, usually only the industrial computer consumes power, the power is very low, and it can not use one kilowatt of electricity a day. It is precisely because of the above advantages of multi-door lattice cabinets that this type of vending machine has been very popular.
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