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What advantages does the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Hotel the vending machine, also called intelligent vending machine, which is developed on the basis of the original vending machine of a mobile intelligent the vending machine. It reduces the management cost, for the hotel, the operator more business opportunities. In the current market, the hotel the vending machine has very big development space. Different from the original coin vending machine, intelligent hotel the vending machine can view the distribution through the clouds, through WeChat and paying treasure to realize mobile payment, through the analysis of the intelligent system automatically. The vending machine is the basic framework of a hotel: WeChat applet + the vending machine, mobile payment system. In this way, users can be fixed on a platform, through this platform for propaganda, favourable activity and so on. At the same time, the back-end systems is also a strong operating platform, can query a large number of data in the background. With the plethora of intelligent products, many products enter the market through intelligent Innovation. At present, the hotel the vending machine Innovation constantly. The characteristics of the hotel the vending machine can be divided into two parts: high mobility and xiao management and excellent customer service. Intelligent inventory control, operator to ji small program by mobile phones, retrieve real-time transaction and analyze sales data, so as to optimize implement accurate marketing, inventory and Create as much revenue opportunities. Intelligent hardware maintenance, operators can be real-time remote monitoring function to check the state of the vending machine, see can inform potential technical problems, in order to avoid malfunction.
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