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weekly rewind: cheap solar roofs, the fastest cars, spotify’s new record

by:Haloo      2019-10-12
In terms of technology, many things can happen in a week.
The constant impact of news makes it impossible for only mortals in real life to follow everything.
That\'s why we put together a quick and dirty list of this week\'s \"stop tech story\", from surprising solar roof prices to vending machines selling clothes --it’s all here.
Anyone who has to change the roof can prove that this is a small fee.
Homeowners may have a better solution, according to Bloomberg, not only with lower upfront costs, but also with savings over time.
In 2016, Tesla bought SolarCity, and about 85% of shareholders voted to pass the deal, making SolarCity the undisputed king of the Sun --to-vehicle energy.
Shortly after the deal was finalized, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company\'s new solar roof is less expensive to make and install than traditional roof materials.
All these savings, he claims, will be ahead of your electricity bill savings.
Musk said, \"Electricity is just a reward.
Read: As a result, Tesla\'s solar roof is cheaper than the ordinary roof. What is smart city?
People who even built them don\'t seem to know yet.
Bob Bennett, Missouri\'s chief innovation officer, told Digital Trends: \"Let 10 people ask in one room what a smart city is and you get 11 answers . \".
This may be true, but most people involved in smart city projects agree on one thing: no one is really there yet.
\"I think this is the Wild West, and the smart city has a different meaning for everyone,\" said Jarett Wendt, executive vice president of strategic innovation at Panasonic . \".
When asked about examples of smart cities (
This is Our four favorite.
Instead, Bennett gives an example of a smart silo
Some cities are particularly prosperous, although they may not form a larger pattern. Washington D. C.
Good water analysis.
Seattle did a great job in environmental protection.
There are thousands of smart street lights in San Diego.
In South Korea, Matsushima, as a smart city, has benefited from the beginning.
Many of its lessons, however, do not necessarily apply to cities trying to work with existing infrastructure.
Read: It takes more than just sensors and buzzwords to be a smart city \"How fast can it go ? \"?
\"There are many ways to measure the excellence of a car, but the highest speed is what everyone cares about most.
Olders Herley is right to think that speed is the only real modern feeling.
He did not mention how interesting it was.
That said, these 25 cars are more than just interesting --
They produce the fastest cars in the world.
\"Production\" is emphasized here \",
\"Race driver and one
Custom work is not required.
We are also trying to limit the choice to cars that claim to have the highest speed, which are generally considered legal by car Media and sanctions groups.
There are also some cars on the horizon that seem ready to remove some names from this list.
SSC still hopes to regain the title of the world\'s fastest car with 350-its1
The horsepower Tuatara and Koenigsegg claim that the top speed of their 1:1 is over 273 miles per hour.
For now, however, these are the fastest cars that can legally drive license plates.
Read: Grab your ass: these are the 25 fastest cars in the world, probably number one in the world, and Uniqlo plans to launch 10 of the sixfoot-
High vending machines across the United StatesS.
The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that it includes airports and shopping malls.
Anyone who has been to Japan knows a lot about the lifestyle of vending machines around almost every corner, so when you learn that one of the largest companies in the United States has decided to launch its own dispenser in the United States, you shouldn\'t be surprised. S.
But what we\'re talking about is Uniqlo, so its vending machine will provide something to wear, not a drink.
Yes, it\'s a vending machine selling clothes.
Read: Uniqlo wants you to buy clothes from vending machines in an ongoing battle between major carriers to provide the best unlimited data plan, and attempts by Verizon and AT&T can backfire.
In the latest status of the mobile network: USAOpenSignal report, after the re-introduction of the unlimited plan, the 4g speed of both operators has declined.
In particular, Verizon\'s LTE download connection dropped 12%-from 16. 9 Mbps to 14. 9 Mbps —
Since the last OpenSignal report in February.
The decline At & t was less extreme At 12.
From 13 Mbps in February. 9 Mbps.
Since the launch of the unlimited plan, the 4g speed of the two operators has dropped every month.
Read: unlimited data plans are slowing down at & t and Verizon 4g
The history of Bitcoin has been forked, creating a second cryptocurrency with a larger block size, which may make daily life easier to use.
The value of Bitcoin Cash is far lower than its eldest brother, but it has received strong support from the core of cryptocurrency users and is likely to become a force for industry change.
If you have recently traded bitcoin, you will be well aware that the problem has gradually approached its head over the past few years.
No, we\'re not just talking about the price of the graphics card.
Sending Bitcoin in time is becoming more and more expensive.
This is the result of \"blocks\" that make up Bitcoin\'s \"blockchain\" to reach capacity, when this happens, the transaction takes longer, or you need to pay more to queue up.
READ: The separation of bitcoin cash from bitcoin into people\'s cryptocurrency streaming music world may still be profitable, but with Spotify reaching 60 million paying users, it remains the fastest-growing market player in the field.
The Swedish company has announced new user milestones, as well as other performance indicators for July, and says it currently has more than 60 million paid users per month.
As of June, the company had more than 0. 14 billion monthly users, and although most of its listeners played music through the company\'s free package, including advertising, the package lacked mobile InternetDemand playback.
The streaming music service has 50 million paid users, which means it has 10 million paid users in just four months.
This means Spotify is growing faster than its competitors, including Apple Music, which has 27 million paying users as of June --
Since Apple Music reached 7 million users in December, it has grown by about 20 million.
Spotify operates in more than 60 markets around the world.
Read: Spotify reached 60 million paying users, still No. 1 in music streaming 1936, and an inventor named Naxonapplied applied for a patent for a cooking device that would promote more consistent
This device has a tank inside the heating element.
Then, in early 1950, an electrical company called west bend began selling an electric bean to facilitate the cooking of peppers and a variety of other foods.
Since then, the slow cooker has entered the kitchens around the world;
The ability of some supermarkets is not just to cook food slowly.
When most people think of slow cooking recipes, they think of simple instructions that allow you to throw ingredients into the pan and walk for 8 hours.
This part is true, though.
Cooking in a slow cooker is not difficult and convenient
Your food may not come out if you do not follow the best practices.
If you do not use the slow cooker properly, your meal may become unappetizing, you may have a fire at home, or you may have someone sick.
Read: slow cooking: 6 big crock pots dos and down\'tsnicholas Roemmelt/annual insights the astronomical photographer contest may attract thousands of entries of the year, but the 2017 incident brought a few shots that the judge had never seen before. year history.
The Royal Observatory Greenwichrecently recently released a shortlist for the contest, including the first photo of the asteroid and Uranus ever submitted.
The final winner will be announced on September 14.
In addition to the selection of the best photographer of the year, the contest also presented nine different categories of awards, as well as two special awards.
The 2017 categories include Sky, Aurora, people and space, our sun, our moon, planets, comets and asteroids, stars and nebulae, galaxies, and young astronomical photographers under the age of 16 this year.
Sir Patrick Moore\'s best newcomer award will be awarded to a photographer who has only started shooting celestial photography in the past year.
A separate award will also provide rewards for photos taken with a computer
Controlled telescope
Reading: The annual astronomical photographer contest attracted-of-this-
The book golden ball by best-seller writer Michael Lewis (
The film was also adapted into a well-received film in 2011)
The general manager of the Oakland track and field baseball team used a data
Despite the limited funding, the drive to form a competitive baseball team.
A new computer science program at Lawrence University of Science and Technology in Michigan uses machine learning and data science to take a similar approach to 6,082 European football players.
This is done through a computational model that calculates the highest and lowest paid players in the world based on skills (
The latter group is Billy Bain-
Probably the style manager is most interested in it! ).
\"It is common to compare personal measurements in sports,\" Lior Shamir, one of the collaborators of the paper
The author tells Digital Trends.
\"However, the skill mix of football players, so as long as the number of goals is compared, it can reflect the real value of the players in a very part.
What we\'re doing here is developing a computational model that combines 55 measurement attributes that reflect the player\'s abilities.
When comparing the model with the player\'s salary, we can estimate each player\'s salary based on his performance on the court and his comparison with all the other players.
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