WeChat Pay teamed up with vending machine service providers to launch hot-selling protective products

by:Haloo      2021-03-07
For several months, due to the impact of 2019-nC0V, the supply of masks in Hong Kong has continued to be tight. WeChat Pay recently launched mask vending machine discounts in conjunction with vending machine service provider SmADt. SmADt has set up self-service sales points in 11 housing estates in Hong Kong, supplying protective equipment such as masks and hand sanitizers. WeChat Pay and SmADt launched an exclusive event. Users can receive a ten-yuan electronic cash voucher on the product page for purchasing protective equipment. The supply of masks continues to be tight, and pharmacies and chain stores such as Watsons and Wanning have yet to provide stable supplies. SmADt, a vending machine service provider, successfully seized a batch of masks and alcohol handrubs, and set up sales points in 11 housing estates in Hong Kong for the public to purchase. The source of the masks is India, 50 pieces per box, more than 98% of BFE, and the price is 190 Hong Kong dollars. In addition, the SmADt vending machine also sells alcohol handrubs, which are 500ml large bottles and 50ml portables, both of which contain 75% alcohol. WECHAT PAY joined the vending machine service provider's launch of protective equipment WeChat Pay WeChat Pay launched an exclusive event in conjunction with SmADt. In addition to the public can use WeChat Pay to pay at SmADt vending machines, users can also scan the relevant coupon QR Code on the vending machine screen. As long as the user purchases a certain amount of related protective equipment, he can pay the cash voucher on WeChat. In addition, WeChat Pay has recently launched the 'Friendship and Reward' friend recommendation program to encourage the purchase of various protective equipment through vending machines. The above information is shared by unmanned vending machines and reprinted, please mark up. Previous post: Mask vending machines appeared in Beijing community for residents to buy without contact
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