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Web celebrity lipstick vending machines are so popular?

by:Haloo      2021-01-21
The lipstick machine is in essence a kind of vending machines, but in addition to have the function of the vending machine, and the function of the game, entertaining and interactive stronger. In the aspect of the game is a simple game, many consumers are reluctant to take the time to understand the complicated rules of the game. On the big screen playing games, recruit success can win the goods, this pattern just cater to the consumer mental state, with a certain degree of nature of the game, it is not an accident that lipstick machine can fire up and things! Operating lipstick, of course, the vending machine is also has many places need to be aware of, the first is the level of precision, get the target population, mainly female consumers! And then there is the brand of lipstick, don't choose a few small brand of lipstick, female consumers to the brand more and more attention now, and considering the health problems, if put lipstick is too cheap, it will not be able to attract girls, this is undoubtedly the damage signature! Another lipstick vending machine as a flow inlet, can choose to capture interface and its own brand public binding together, so that it can transform offline flow into online traffic. Tweets ways to push the brand soft wen, can not only can increase sales channels for brand publicity!
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