We select the vending machine in the note from what aspects

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Sorching summer is coming, again drink machines shopping season, hot, thirsty, a bottle of iced drinks, quench thirst and summer. Phone code easily pay, more and more people choose to buy drinks in active receiving. About our common vending machine appearance but there are no much difference, but many kinds of share out bonus internal aisle. Many friends in choosing drinks vending machine actively operating time is also one of the vastness of the face don't know how to choose appropriate aisle, so, after all, how to choose appropriate aisle? Early spring spiral aisle vending machine actively, active vending machine the main aisle, such aisle structure brief, capital is low, but the function is complete, can sell different kinds of products. Capital is low, to be able to sell a variety of different varieties of products, for example, common snacks, all sorts of small products such as daily necessities, and drinks, etc. ; Different pitch of spring is suitable for different scales of drinks, can is bottled also can be canned, beverage bottle is cylindrical can also is other shape.
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