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Vending machines will clamp down on the subway the newsstand

by:Haloo      2020-11-15
, according to the New York daily news reports the New York metropolitan transportation authority, said officials in the coming months, people will see on the platform in New York City new vending machines. The MTA spokesman sharm stark lake ( Shams Tarek) Said, passengers can see similar to selling travel products and snack vending machines at the airport. From human sales to the transition of the vending machine is the result of a change in consumer spending habits, including reduced demand for newspapers and candy. In recent years, the MTA in fill newsstand vacancy in trouble. City bus traffic has about 326 retail space, of which about 40% are empty or shut down. The MTA, chief development officer Janno Mr. Lieber, said there are 86 New York City subway station on empty retail booths are tender, some of which may be occupied by a vending machine operators. Mr. Lieber says, 'when I took office in 2017, the MTA in idle problems faced by retail booth space is very obvious, frankly, a lot of retail space is empty! 'Mr. Lieber in silverstein real estate company ( 西尔弗斯坦属性) Engaged in the world trade center ( 世界贸易中心) The reconstruction of the work. He hopes the vending selling function occupy some of the free space. It is not clear how many New York City subway station will be equipped with automatic vending machines, tower lake, said this number will 'is decided by the market. Vending machines are very common in the metro system in Europe and Asia, the Chicago transit authority ( 芝加哥运输署) Last month announced that it will install vending machines in the El platform to sell snacks, rent or sell mobile phone charging equipment, etc. Currently, 27 for retail space in New York City subway station will be ready to open. The subway at kiosks and other retail is a difficult business. Mr. Lieber says the MTA must cooperate with retailers, need to innovate in terms of profit. A retail stall owner, said he in the lower east side of Manhattan in 2013 opened the first newsstand seasonal his headache. He ended up in violation of the lease, expensive contractors and has been blamed for the insurance policy, rules and how to improve the employee wages.
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