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Vending machines sell milk, we guess the result must be like this. .

by:Haloo      2021-03-15
In the past two years, the research and discussion on the milk vending machine business has become more and more in-depth, and the competing layout of Mengniu, Yili and local dairy companies has also made the self-service milk business field rapidly heat up and gradually become a new hot spot in the market. Although the self-service milk sales business is still in its infancy and the business layout has only just started, all parties in the market have reached a consensus on the future development potential of self-service milk sales. Regarding vending machines selling milk, we guess that these changes will gradually occur...01 The number of self-service milk vending devices will increase sharply in the next two years. According to the National Food and Nutrition Advisory Committee's phased consumption target, by 2020, my country’s per capita milk consumption will reach 28 kilograms and will reach 41 kilograms by 2030. Consumption will promote changes in the sales channels of dairy products. Under the condition that the growth trend of various operating factors such as overall wages and rents remains unchanged, and the market’s demand for quality service operations for dairy products will be integrated, self-service sales will be implemented in the next two years. The number of milk equipment must have a significant growth process. Especially in areas where the consumption of dairy products is relatively vigorous, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the popularity of self-service milk vending equipment will increase significantly. 02 Diversification of self-service milk sales equipment The popularization of dairy product consumption has brought not only changes in sales, but also changes in consumption scenarios. Therefore, the future self-service milk sales equipment must be diversified. Devices including vending machines (including small and micro devices), smart vending cabinets, smart self-pickup cabinets, etc., may be deployed in various scenarios to participate in the dairy product sales business based on their own device characteristics. We even guess that in the next few years, unmanned logistics (unmanned vehicles, drones, etc.) and even robot milk sales will also participate in the self-service milk sales business, and will play an important role in this process. 03 Diversification and maturation of self-service milk vending equipment technology With the gradual expansion of the market and the pace of large-scale commercial use, we believe that the technology of self-service milk vending equipment will also become increasingly diversified and mature. In addition to the existing vending machines and smart vending cabinets, it is not ruled out that some newer technologies and products may enter the market. And sufficient market space also helps to promote the maturity of related products. From the perspective of the development path of self-service vending equipment in the past two years, a certain scale of market is an important guarantee for maturing products and developing the market. The maturity of the product is manifested in three aspects: one is the decrease of product cost; the second is the improvement of product applicability; the third is the improvement of product performance. Since the beginning of 2019, a number of self-service milk sales equipment manufacturers have been favored by some large dairy companies, and each has achieved good returns, which in turn has promoted the development of the market. 04 Increase in the proportion of self-service milk sales channels According to China Dairy Industry Yearbook data, domestic dairy companies above designated size produced approximately 30.78 million tons in 2018, a year-on-year increase of approximately 4.6%, and the compound growth rate in the past five years was 2.7%; 2018 The total sales of the dairy industry is approximately 370 billion. From the perspective of sales channels, modern channels total about 70%, of which 27% are hypermarkets, 24% are supermarkets, 13% are small supermarkets, 4% are convenience stores, and 2% are e-commerce. In terms of traditional channels, grocery stores accounted for 4% of revenue, and other retail and wholesale channels accounted for 26%. However, related surveys show that the growth rate of terminal hypermarkets is slowing down, and the proportion of convenient sales channels is increasing year by year. Self-service milk selling is a convenient way of selling dairy products. Although the current market share is not high, the growth potential is relatively promising in the long run. Especially in the context of the integration of retail and unmanned retail in recent years, the value of similar emerging channels can be seen. 05 Refined management of self-service milk sales The self-service milk sales business may seem simple, but it is actually divided into many sub-categories. While the self-service milk sales business is heating up, market competition and segmentation must be inevitable. This requires relevant operating companies to finely manage related businesses from the very beginning and find a set of effective efficiency improvement methods. For the market management department, there are many similar innovative sales methods. How to serve enterprise innovation in a tolerant and prudent manner and to effectively protect consumer rights from a security perspective is also a big challenge in the future. Therefore, it is a challenge for the market. Management is also a big trend. Especially for some special categories of products, such as fresh milk, low-temperature milk and other products that have higher requirements for food safety control.
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