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Vending machines have what function?

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
From the developing trend of the vending machine, it is because of labor-intensive industrial structure to technology intensive product of social transformation. Vending machines have what function? Let's take a look at the basic function of the vending machine. A, card shopping: under the network environment support, with a credit card, cash card, phone card such as card consumption, and other electronic payment function. Currency recognition: electronic control system can increase the function of vouchers, cooperate with paper money, COINS identifier identifying the type of notes and COINS vouchers. Three, data download: application of USB technology, the use of USB flash drive, easy to download sales machine operating information, using a PC download data processing, easy to master by the operator area, machinery, commodity sales. Your content above is the basic function of the vending machine, hope to be able to help you, we do our best to service for you, looking forward to your arrival. Vending machines, download, basic functions, vouchers, information, capabilities, notes and COINS, recognition, machine processing
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