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Vending machines go into our lives!

by:Haloo      2021-07-24
Vending machines go into our lives! Hello everyone, I’m the editor, do you know vending machines? Today, the editor will analyze it specifically for you, and I hope it will be helpful to you. As a new kind of self-service equipment, vending machines automatically ship according to the amount of money received, and are not restricted by time and place, which can greatly save labor costs. They are increasingly appearing in various places. Even some vending machines will form clusters to serve consumers in the form of unmanned supermarkets. According to the 2017-2023 report on China's vending machine market survey and development trend analysis released by the Asia-Pacific Self-service Vending Machine Industry Association, as the income of the people continues to increase, people are increasingly pursuing convenient, fast and flexible shopping. The methods, especially the various self-services, have been favored by everyone and have developed rapidly. In developed countries, vending machines have long been a part of people’s lives. According to the laws of economic development, the development of vending machines in the past can predict the development trend of domestic vending machines, especially domestic mobile in recent years. The popularity of payment has greatly promoted the development of the vending machine industry. The vending machine has the characteristics of high technology content, novel sales methods, and good shopping experience. Let us take a look at its various advantages:  1. Unlimited places. The vending machine itself does not take up too much space. Schools, Hospitals, shopping malls, subways, bus stations, bus stations, railway stations, airports, factories, tourist attractions and other places with large numbers of people can be put in. Generally, they only occupy 1-2 square meters of normally idle space. Vending machines can be arranged. 2. Low labor costs and low site rent. Vending machines can be open 24 hours a day, all year round and self-service sales. Through the Internet, a management team of 2-3 people can manage dozens of vending machines at the same time, and they can be allocated to each one. The labor cost of a machine is quite low. A machine generally only occupies 1-2 square meters of usually idle space (generally it is a variety of corner wall roots, and vending machines are used more for idle space), and the rent per unit area is much lower than that of shops. 3. More diversified income channels. Today's vending machines are all Internet smart machines, and some are equipped with large screens. In addition to selling goods, they can also play various pictures, videos and advertisements that can interact with humans and machines. You can even post POP advertising stickers on the fuselage, and the advertising revenue it brings is also considerable. 4. The investment is small and the capital turnover is flexible. A vending machine is equivalent to an unattended commissary. Depending on the size and configuration, there are thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and it is only necessary to invest in the corresponding place. Able to sell goods in a timely manner to generate benefits, and there is no risk of backlog of funds in a timely manner. 5. Good shopping experience  The vending machine can be placed in many places where you can’t open a store and have customers’ shopping needs. It is within reach, and the payment is shipped, tireless, convenient and fast! Especially the face recognition payment promoted by technology and Alipay, you can shop without a mobile phone and cash! 6. Efficient management and accurate marketing. Each vending machine is connected to the Internet, and will upload transaction information to the back-end server in real time. The vending machine system can calculate big data for analysis, and what kind of product is in which place. The sales volume in the time period is high and the profit is high. According to the big data, precise marketing can be carried out for different consumer groups and time periods to maximize profits. 7. Great market potential. At present, China has a population of 1.4 billion. As the world's most populous country (of course, it is also the country with the largest retail market), the total number of vending machines in operation is less than 300,000 units, and Japan and the United States each have 500 The gap between more than 10,000 units is very large, the market space is very large and still in a state of development, and the prospects are very bright. How much do you know about today's content? For more information about vending machines, please follow our official website
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