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Vending machines are a new way of shopping

by:Haloo      2023-03-27
It is worth affirming that the current consumers of vending machines are mainly young people. The editor did a small survey. Among the people who consume vending machines, 78% are under 35 years old, and less than 5% are over 50 years old. Although the data and information are only self-investigation and have no credibility, they have practical value. how so? I will carefully analyze these partners. Young people are easily exposed to new things. Vending machines are a new way of shopping, unattended and run 24 hours a day. The steps of purchasing products, paying and picking up the goods must be performed independently by consumers. Young people in adolescence are better at accepting and trying new shopping methods, while middle-aged and elderly people are slower to respond to many things. For example, when smart machines and mobile phones started to pay in the past two years, young people have already developed the habit of not carrying cash when they go out. Many middle-aged and elderly people are not easy to pay with WeChat and Alipay. The pace of life of young people is faster. The use value of vending machines lies in the convenience of everyone's daily life, so that many people can buy goods anytime, anywhere without being limited by time and space. Convenience and convenience are the big bright spots. For them, time is precious. In order to save time, effort and energy, most young people have obvious purchase intentions when selling goods. And middle-aged and elderly people have plenty of time. When they have a consumer market, they will first consider shopping in nearby supermarkets or chain convenience stores. Young people have a broad consumer market. Young people are the backbone of consumption in modern society. As far as the current social environment is concerned, the consumption of the post-80s and post-90s accounts for the vast majority of the total consumption of social development. In particular, the main products sold by vending machines are snacks, which have relatively low requirements for the elderly, but are rigid requirements for many young people. In vending machines, elderly people account for the majority, which is a crucial factor. Most of the consumers of vending machines are young people. This is an objective fact and is also affected by various factors. To a certain extent, this is the result of social and economic development.
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