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Vending machine|What factors are affecting the operation of vending machine?

by:Haloo      2021-09-22
Vending machines: History has always been a big wave, and it is the same for princes and generals, and it is the same for many industries. After experiencing the savage madness in the first half of 2017-2018, the domestic vending machine industry finally ushered in a new 'turning point'. From the second half of 2018 to mid-March 2019, in less than a year, many vending machine operating brands have disappeared from our vision, and the industry has also ushered in a new round of upgrades. Vending machines 'There must be someone who will fall, but there will also be people who will stand up!' The rise and fall of an industry has always been like this! In the year of the 'turning pointWhat are the possible undesirable outcomes for cargo aircraft operating companies?    Loss to death is one of the most common ways to die in future operating companies. The historical experience of the vending machine industry tells us that companies that cannot control their losses must die. Even if the loss of each machine every day is small, from the overall perspective, such a loss will eventually kill the company. A single machine loses 50 per day. If it is a 100-unit company, the average daily loss is 5000, which can reach hundreds of thousands of yuan in a year. Therefore, once it enters a loss state, the operating company must think about how to stop the loss.   Capital urges death.    The vending machine business is not an industry that can rise to the sky in one step, and only a down-to-earth operation company can do a good job with a solid foundation. If you carefully study some of the vending machine operating brands that have died in the past three years, many of them will see some capital behind them. Blindly introducing capital and trying to develop by leaps and bounds, the result was blatant, but the foundation of the business could not be supported, and eventually the 'horrible corpse' was on the spot. I wanted capital to give birth, but it was capital to urge death! The faster you run, the faster you die. It is not uncommon for operating companies to die because of blind pursuit of scale. In order to pursue the scale effect, we expanded desperately, but when we reached that scale, I suddenly discovered that such a scale is really not fun! Before the various conditions of talents, capital, standards, and basic systems have reached a certain level of maturity, scale sometimes It's 'a dose' of poison.   The direction is 'cliff'    In the vending machine industry, sometimes the choice is greater than the effort. Which business to choose? And at what stage? In fact, they are very particular about it. The direction is accurate, the timing is good, and the operation is smooth, but if you read it wrong, it is a 'cliff' for the company.   Every once in a while, there will be a gust of wind in the industry, and every gust will create a group of winners and a group of losers. There was an example of the 'adult machine' before, and the reality of the 'fu box machine and lipstick machine' later. If the direction is right, there will naturally be a chance to make money. But if you get it wrong and treat a niche business as a big business, or treat an outdated business as an innovative business, you will undoubtedly die.   'tortoise shrinking' and dying    'tortoise shrinking' and ills refer to not only the stagnation of scale, but also the rigid thinking of some companies, which are rigid and adhere to the rules, and finally boil the frog to death in warm water. Being a business is actually the same as learning. If you don't advance, you will retreat. If the 'body' fails to advance, sooner or later it will be 'frail' and die. In a year of great change, for all operating companies, no matter how big or small, they have to advance both physically and mentally to have a chance to survive. 'Turtle shrinkage' can only reduce the pain for a while, but in terms of long-term development, it does not make much sense!   policy 'red line'   The market order of the vending machine industry in the past two years is being further optimized. More and more businesses have been incorporated into the supervision system of the market supervision department, and various management regulations and standards have also increased. When operating companies carry out their business, they must pay attention to business risks on the one hand, and policy risks on the other. Although some businesses are innovative enough, if they fail to meet the requirements of the government management department in the later stage, such Business will also affect the enterprise. Both traditional and innovative businesses must adhere to the bottom line of policies, especially innovative businesses. You must not take it lightly and take for granted the “misjudgment” of the policy. Once it is wrong, the tuition fee will be astronomical.
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