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Vending Machine to Use Facial Recognition Technology

by:Haloo      2020-07-10
Devices that store and dispense products when consumes enter the appropriate amount of money have been around for a long time. They include mini vending machines and those that sell hotel toiletries, among other things.
However, as the technology behind them develops, mini vending machines and such objects have gotten increasingly modern.
This is demonstrated by an offering that is currently being tweaked in Japan. Rather than selling hotel toiletries, it gives you soft hot beverages.
The component of technology uses facial recognition techniques to 'recommend' beverages based on the number of factors. For example, it assess age and gender, since these are to be able to affect people's choice of drink.
So far, the machines are being trialled in a railway station and these kinds of said to receive had a constructive impact on sales. Indeed, the number of beverages bought by consumers apparently tripled while compared with regular vending machines.
The technology has been developed by JR East Water Business Co, and that is a subsidiary of JR East Co, Reuters reports.
The dispensaries invoke the usage of touch-screen panels with sensors that enable it to look for the characteristics of the people using it. Based on its assessments, the machine then suggests what products may be suitable.
As well as grounding its recommendations on the consumer's features, it also changes its tips according to the temperature as well as the time of day.
Commenting located on the product, a spokeswoman from JR East Water Business Co said: 'If purchaser is a man, the machine is visiting recommend a canned coffee drink, since men are generally prefer many of these. If the customer is in their 50s, though, that recommendation is more likely green tea.'
Meanwhile, someone in her 20s can recommended a tea drink or sweeter product, since research has suggested that they prefer these, she added.
The representative went in order to state: 'We thought it would make it an additional fun for that customers to put this kind of interaction the machines, which would improve the whole buying experience.'
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