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Vending machine-the characteristics of unmanned vending machine

by:Haloo      2021-07-27
The characteristics of' target='_blank'>vending machine unmanned vending machine The following editor brings you a summary of the knowledge of the characteristics of vending machines, and then let's take a look with the editor!   Unmanned vending machines are commonly used equipment for commercial automation, which can automatically deliver goods according to consumers' choices and payments. It is not restricted by time or location, it is a brand-new form of commercial retail, also known as a 24-hour micro supermarket, with the following characteristics: Low cost: the price of an unmanned vending machine ranges from several thousand to two or three Ten thousand yuan, less capital investment, relatively low threshold, suitable for small companies and individuals and other operators with limited financial strength. High flexibility: Unmanned supermarkets must rent a relatively large area, suitable venue resources are relatively small, and the cost of leasing and decoration is relatively high; while the flexibility of unmanned vending machines is much higher, such as squares, schools, service halls, and tourism. Places such as scenic spots, stations, airports, etc. can be placed, and it can also solve the shopping needs of consumers in these places. Easy to manage: The unmanned vending machine has a mature design, rich functions and stable performance, and is relatively easy to maintain. Through the cloud backend, operators can manage multiple unmanned vending machines in batches to achieve full digital and intelligent operations. 1. More efficient. Vending machines are faster, easier, and better protect customer privacy. Under the super camera of the unmanned store, a small enclosed space seems more suitable for bank ATMs, which is very depressing! Suppose a tramp swipes in and sleeps in it, what do you do? 2. Easier to maintain. The vending machine does not have the shelves being messed up by customers, and there is no need to organize the shelves, only one action is required to replenish the goods. This is not the case for unmanned convenience stores. After a dozen or so customers have selected an unmanned store, the scene will become a mess. 3. Higher floor efficiency and lower rent. According to reports, 4. It is easier to guard against theft, and the investment is lower. Compared with unmanned convenience stores, unmanned vending machines have safer goods, and the probability of being stolen will naturally be lower. 5. The future development prospects are huge. The unmanned vending machine is completely an offline retail network with high density like capillaries that can fight against e-commerce! In addition to retail revenue, the fuselage, electronic screen, and mobile payment jump interface can also be used as advertising channels to become an excellent advertising carrier of what you see is what you get. Among them, the advertising revenue is Focus Media. As of the end of 2016, Focus Media has 236,000 building screen media across the country, covering 31 cities and regions, generating 3.785 billion yuan in annual revenue, accounting for 37% of total revenue, and supporting nearly 1,000 Focus Media. 100 million market value! Each unmanned vending machine is equipped with at least one large electronic screen, and the body can also be used for patch advertisements. At least over 600,000 advertising carriers can be placed, which can reach a wider audience than the focus! The advantage of Focus Media is that it allows users to achieve the effect of compulsory viewing in elevator scenes, but Focus Media's advertisements are out of touch with the transaction. The payment jump interface advertisement of the unmanned vending machine can also achieve the effect of mandatory viewing, and at the same time, it can form a closed loop between the advertisement and the transaction, and achieve the advertising effect of what you see is what you get, which is not available in Focus! Therefore, the advertising value of the vending machine is also huge in the future! Vending machines will eventually change people's lifestyles! The above are the characteristics of the vending machine explained to you by the editor. I hope to give you more understanding. If you want to learn more about vending machines, welcome to visit our official website to learn more about
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