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Vending machine supplier, the new sales have entered the second half

by:Haloo      2021-03-22
Vending machine suppliers, the direct selling industry at this stage avoids the three adversities of IQ, emotional quotient, and adversity quotient,' said Jiang Xiaoyun, professor of profit sales in the Cambridge College Management School District. The direct selling industry has long been understood as a popular hospitality industry, and it’s not close to ability creativity and research creativity. There is no contact, and there is a lack of data analysis and creative methods for planning research. The direct selling industry government also lacks obvious self-positioning, timely self-debugging, and has difficulties in detecting that customers do not have awareness and control customers without standards. Jiang Xiaoyun emphasized The new era calls for a “sales revolution.” Wei Hang, executive vice president of the Fujian University of Finance and Economics, felt that the first spirit of new sales was reflected in the growth of the market caused by the market, and thereby instigated express delivery, information flow and cash flow. As soon as today’s new marketing advances into the second half, the spirit is embodied in the growth of sales with globalization, small-scale and formulation as the highlight, the growth of demand for fast, quality, trend and experience, and the standard society in the mobile market. Wei Hang introduced that by assuming the depth of standardization of components and the timeliness of demand, the reform and evolution of sales practices can be attributed to four points: new chain stores, new experiential shopping supermarkets, and automatic Vending machine suppliers/non-personnel chain points and sales in the market. “For sales that have a high degree of standardization and high demand timeliness, the future may decide to expand to automatic vending. Vending machine suppliers, non-personnel chain points Point, etc. to give technology or service. On the other hand, online sales face the sales level with relatively low demand and timeliness and high component standardization depth. 'Vending machine suppliers, the driving force for the direct sales industry to increase in the future is the new promotion of online and offline transformation with customer wants as the core and capability as the support,' Huang Yu, deputy director of Quanzhou Market Reform Center emphasized, fixed market It is not contradictory to e-commerce. The standard finds that the two curves are gradually calming, showing transformation, and the fixed market is tapping the potential of new consumption levels, especially in technology or service consumption levels, experience consumption levels, and automation and differentiated demand satisfaction. The most common features of the current keywords are: Office building intelligent addressing machine consumables vending machine Previous: How much is a vending machine, new sales began to occupy the second half
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