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by:Haloo      2023-03-21
Are vending machines released in school? Vending machines greatly facilitate people's lives and are deeply loved by the market. Especially in schools, office buildings and other places, it is welcomed by students and white-collar workers. So, is vending machine school letting go? How to negotiate the deployment of vending machines in schools? Students have a relatively high acceptance of vending machines, and they consume a lot of snacks and drinks, so it is an ideal place to put vending machines. Generally, it is okay for universities and colleges to put vending machines, but in middle schools and elementary schools, the control may be stricter. Moreover, considering some site rents and competition, it may not be possible to win the school's site. Undergraduate colleges, tertiary institutions, vocational colleges, etc., can all place vending machines, and generally adopt the form of bidding. Universities and colleges generally publish the vending machine point bidding plan every academic year, and entrepreneurs can see it on the official website or bidding website. In addition, if you have a certain network of contacts in the school, such as knowing the school leaders, then it will be much easier to talk about business. If there is no relationship, you can only go to the business department to find the relevant competent department and conduct business negotiations. Because the vending machine greatly facilitates the life of the school's teachers and students, and will bring a certain amount of income to the school. Unless there are special circumstances, negotiations are relatively easy. In addition, due to the special nature of middle schools, the control over vending machines will be stricter. But many schools will have a demand for box lunch vending machines. Therefore, care should be taken when negotiating to deploy the appropriate type of vending machine. Key Points for School Vending Machine Operation When operating vending machines in schools, the following points should be noted: 1. Pay a security deposit Schools with a bidding nature generally require vending machine operators to pay a certain security deposit. For the protection of students by the school. 2. The product quality must be good. The products sold to students must ensure the quality, sanitation and safety. If there are some accidents, the deposit will not be refunded. Also compensate the school. 3. The price should not be higher than that of traditional convenience stores. The price of vending machines selling beverages should not be higher than that of other traditional convenience stores. Drink prices are transparent. It should be the same as the price in a convenience store off-campus. Customer-customized vending machines have various types of equipment such as beverages, snacks, lunch boxes, and comprehensive vending machines, and we can meet various delivery needs with good quality and excellent prices.
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