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Vending machine sales business

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Vending machine sales business refers to the customers through the vending machine sell goods, the customer pay by cash or online payment methods such as clearing goods payment for, vending machine automatically send goods. Vending machine market is expected to enter growth in China, the big space in the future. According to the experience of overseas development, vending machine market can be divided into start-up period, development period and mature period. The mainland market vending machine application startup period should be at least machine 100000 units, annual gross domestic product in 1 billion yuan; The development machine should be at least 500000, the year should reach 10 billion yuan GDP; And will reach 3 million units to the mature period, GDP will reach 60 billion yuan. Intelligent is primarily a vending machine with intelligent networking system and display screen, followed by operational efficiency and business models have changed, too. The background of intelligent vending machine management system, real-time monitoring inventory and operating conditions. According to the background data, operation and maintenance personnel to effectively improve inventory and equipment maintenance, significantly reduce operating costs. Users can also through the APP query attachment position of the vending machine and direct purchase. Intelligent vending machine with a screen, can improve the user experience exchange, broaden the vending machine advertising value at the same time. Vending machine point distribution in the stream of area, is a natural advertising resources, display ads to the value of the line flow, widened the profit pattern of the vending machine. With no retail stores, vending machines also belongs to the retail industry. Compared with no retail stores, vending machine has diversified business model, covers an area of smaller, flat efficiency higher characteristic. At the same time, most of the vending machine sell products for the standardization of soft drinks or food, do not need to provide users with direct contact with the user experience.
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