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Vending machine quotation, the lastest vending machine price movements

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
The development of the vending machine industry in China is more and more good, the machine type as the market needs to constantly update, also gradually eliminated by The Times of keystrokes, appeared not to bring a display screen and with different sizes of display touch screen machine, refrigeration function, heating function, with notes of COINS, WeChat pay treasure to brush a face pay online payment methods, such as background management system function is not nearly the same, in addition each aisle is different also, such as spring, crawler, such as many grid, function is different, the price is different also, price nature have high low. According to different vending machine manufacturer, size, configuration, the vast majority of are 1 - price 30000 yuan, many grid ark commonly is cheaper, thousands of yuan. Spring aisle of the vending machine is not very expensive, you can sell all kinds of snacks, drinks, and daily necessities, the price is in commonly ten thousand to twenty thousand; S-shaped aisle stacking, drinks vending machine more high-end, cheaper also get more than ten thousand, you have more than thirty thousand, benefit is not card bottle long service life. Don't take the ark of the utility grid of screen and some more specific, such as selling the bento, fruit of vending machines, with automatic elevator, this type of machine generally have a larger volume structure is very complicated, generally have more than thirty thousand a. But to buy the vending machine does not only focus on pure price, we should pay close attention to its value. , after all, a price a points goods, vending machine is a tool for a business to make money, a value-added tool, a tool more with more money! Can choose good vending machine for a long time for you to make money, to avoid some greatly small problems encountered in the process of operation, and factory cannot solve for a long time, that you are very big, so the vending machine price reference price is an important reference factors, but quality and nice brand is top priority. Choose to believe that technology vending machines, focus on doing the vending machine brand! 'Technology' is the odd wing intelligent technology will be responsible for the research and development, sales, guangzhou red cape technology co. , LTD. , manufacture of professional intelligent vending machine brand, technology leads the industry development by innovation, adhering to the 'science and technology, make entrepreneurship is no longer difficult spirit of the brand, with no retail solutions, services more entrepreneurs, retail equipment and is committed to become the industry leader. 'science and technology after more than ten years of hard work and study, has become a national comprehensive strength among the best brand of vending machine manufacturing. With dozens of innovative design and advanced technology, products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, in China more than 100 provinces and regions. Has been listed as a national science and technology innovation project, provinces, cities and three key technical support project. 'technology' look forward to cooperation with you!
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