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Vending machine prices-manipulating the process of mobile payment

by:Haloo      2021-03-23
The price of vending machines has the nature of mobile payment transactions, and the distributors who have to obtain the relevant trading capital of the management system of the nature of the wireless network and the efficiency of the machine must pay the manufacturers. Vending machine price The wireless network nature of the main board vending machine must have the nature of mobile phone payment, and the main control board must have the nature of editorial. After the visitor scans the QR code to make a transaction with the store, the online payment action must be converted to a vending machine price for the goods. The main board needs to have an editorial nature. The editorials on vending machine prices probably all absorb wireless communication (wired lines are expensive and not easy). Therefore, I recommend the epay mobile phone payment vending machine price motherboard for everyone to introduce. Vending machine price cloud management system After the vending machine price main board has an editorial nature, you have to have the cloud of the facility in order to get mobile payment. Vending machine price stores manage the price of vending machines through a neat backing in the cloud. Contains the name of the store, the required price, the image... The legal distributor pays the manufacturer probably the creator does not have the capital trading qualifications. Therefore, the developed cloud system has to use the interface to absorb distributors to pay for the purchase and sale of capital. Therefore, from the picture, we first know that the buying capital is mainly made by payment manufacturers such as telephone and Alipay simply buying and selling for the store. The current keywords are: Adult products unmanned vending machine Large-capacity vending machine Scan code vending cabinet Previous post: Shenzhen vending machine-the process of using communication to pay
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