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Vending machine prices-how does mobile payment work?

by:Haloo      2021-03-23
The price of vending machines has the effect of mobile payment and consumption, and it requires that the machine has the effect of satellite communication, efficient management, or the salesman investor who balances the cost to pay the manufacturer. The satellite communication effect promotion machine of the vending machine price motherboard must have a mobile payment effect, and the main control panel must have a media effect. After the customer pays the merchant according to the scan code, the Internet payment behavior must be converted into a vending machine price for shipment. The motherboard needs to have media effects. The media for vending machine prices usually rely on wireless communication (wired cables are expensive and not easy). Come here to recommend the main board of the easy payment vending machine price for mobile phones. Vending machine price cloud management After the vending machine price motherboard has media effects, it also needs to be matched with the cloud to be able to realize mobile payment. Vending machine prices merchants manage the prices of vending machines in accordance with the neat backing of the cloud. Including the provision of merchants, how much renminbi is needed, pictures, etc. Reasonable promoters, investors, and producers, usually operators do not have the capital balance qualifications. The reason why the cloud system manufactured in this way needs to be based on the network segment interface and relies on the payment of promoters and investors to make the balance of market capital. The reason for this is that from the figure, it can be understood that the market capital is immediately settled by payment producers such as QQ and Taobao for the merchants. The current keywords are: Unmanned vending machine Sheet metal production workshop How much is an unmanned vending machine Previous post: Hangzhou vending machine-the process of manipulating communication and paying bills
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