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by:Haloo      2021-03-24
The price of automatic medicine vending machine One double cabinet, single price, compatible with high economical benefits and professional effects. Using the knob technique, the beautiful design of the very strong cargo lane, the environmental value is perfect; it can support the combination of various cargo lane configurations, including the exhibition of baby brand types. The price of all-round environmental resource promotion level vending machine can reach up to 70 SKUs, and the number of baby layouts can reach up to 800. The capacity of the whole machine is 30% more than that of the unmanned vending machine of the same depth, which is greatly improved. Main effect and sales volume; all-round baby display window, simple and easy to understand, the baby is brilliant and magnificent, it strengthens a lot of buying habits. Separate storage and arrangement Super-matching vending machine prices Vegetables and cold drinks are arranged separately, 50% cold drinks and 60% vegetable treasures have a strong share, not only to enrich the customer’s transaction needs, but also for cold drinks unmanned vending machines vending machines Operators bring new profit opportunities to everyone. Shopping Cart Skills Consumption Newly Upgraded Level Vending Machine Price can buy all kinds of treasures at one time, support double cabinets and deliver goods, 24 hours mobile scanning code selection, payment, data control, control at will, communication Internet technology empowers people, The goods and the situation are intelligent one after another, and the consumption experience is upgraded in all aspects. The current keywords are: Intelligent addressing machine Lucky box machine Doll vending machine Previous post: Vending machine manufacturer-vending machine
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