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Vending machine operation process----Oneida, a professional vending machine service operator, will tell you

by:Haloo      2021-03-22
As an emerging industry, vending machines are developing rapidly. Since the introduction of new retail, it has been at the forefront. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find vending machines in places with high passenger flow such as airports, subways, shopping malls, and parks. Calculated in terms of per capita number, China has only 500,000 units, and the market demand is still relatively large, so the market prospects still have a lot of room for value-added. So, how should a vending machine be operated for a novice? [Types of vending machines] 1. Spring machine: Push the product forward by rotating the spring and drop it to the delivery port. This kind of cargo lane has the characteristics of simple structure and various types of goods that can be sold. It can sell common snacks, daily necessities and other small commodities, and it can also sell bottled beverages. 2. Crawler machine: It is an upgraded version of the spring machine. The spring is replaced by a crawler belt to push, and the goods are smoothly dropped at the delivery port through the lift version. As long as the height of the cargo lane is adjusted, any product can be sold. 3. Snake-shaped cargo lane: The snake-shaped cargo lane is also called the S-shaped accumulation lane. It is a special cargo lane specially developed for beverage vending machines. It can sell a variety of bottled and canned beverages (canned eight-treasure porridge can also be used), beverages The goods are piled up in layers, relying on their own gravity to slide the goods, and the goods will not be jammed. The outgoing port is controlled by the electromagnetic mechanism. [Conventional profit methods of vending machines] 1. Commodity profit, 24 hours a day, generally vending machines can place 400,500 goods, depending on the position of the machine, the goods placed are slightly different. Vending machines do not require manual sales. They are open 24 hours a day. Regardless of whether it is windy or rainy, as long as there is electricity, the vending machines can be open all year round. Therefore, compared with convenience stores, excluding the cost of goods, The maintenance cost and electricity cost of the vending machine, and the rest is the profit earned. 2. Fuselage media advertising operation. In addition to being a machine for selling goods, each vending machine is also a good advertising platform. The general machine has a display screen, which can play image advertisements or video advertisements. It can also cooperate with other products to allow them to play advertisements on vending machines and mobile payment interfaces to increase advertising revenue. However, the expenditure cost of this income is almost negligible. 3. Connected to the online shopping platform. Vending machines can not only be used as an advertising platform for external publicity, but also can be used as a publicity position for the company's online shopping platform, attracting more offline customers to enter the online platform to understand and buy! Increase the traffic and visibility of your online buying platform. Even if you didn't have an online platform, it is very easy to develop a company or personal platform that sells goods. This can also bring certain economic benefits. [Operation costs of vending machines] 1. Replenishment cost, one of the main costs, the level of replenishment cost determines the key to overall profitability, and the replenishment cost is closely related to the density of points. 2. Promotion cost of activities, which is generally 4-8% of sales. 3. Loss of goods cost, according to the current malfunction of the machine and the goods involved in irregular packaging, there is a 1-3% loss rate of jammed goods. 4. Point cost, such as rent, goods, etc., one of the main costs. [Shopping method of vending machines] 1. Cash payment: The most commonly used payment method for vending machines is cash payment, which is to directly put in paper money or coins, and then the vending machine will automatically ship, and then according to the commodity price and the denomination of the cash Circumstances decide whether to find zero, this is also the earliest payment method used by vending machines! 2. Mobile payment: Alipay and WeChat are basically two payment methods that every young person must have. Because of Alipay and WeChat, you only need to bring a mobile phone when you go out. All kinds of UnionPay cards and cash are not required. You can use your mobile phone to handle all kinds of shopping needs. 3. Face payment: After registering an account with a mobile phone to give Alipay the permission to pay, select the product and choose face recognition to pay, just shake your head in front of the camera, and the vending machine will receive the payment and ship it. pleasure. Of course, this novel payment method is still in the pilot promotion stage, and it is believed that it will be popularized in the near future. [Vending machine replenishment method] 1. Self-replenishment, self-built interval warehouse purchases, purchase orders and return to warehouse, and the delivery personnel resolve the warehouse to the machine terminal. The advantage is high controllability, and the disadvantage is high cost. 2. Cooperate with third-party distribution companies to solve the distribution from warehouse to machine terminal. The advantage is that the cost is simple and low, and the settlement can be based on the number of replenishments + the number of shipments. The disadvantage is that this kind of third party is hard to find and requires a centralized point. 3. Cooperate with city goods agents to solve the supply chain to the machine terminal distribution. The advantage is obvious, the key is whether there is enough amount, or others won't play with you. 4. Cooperate with the goods agent, build the distribution staff by yourself, and the distribution staff will directly make up for the machine from the agent. The advantage is that there is no need to build a warehouse. If the agent point distance is right or a good central warehouse, the disadvantage is that the price is definitely not as good as the upstream supply chain. The above is the relevant introduction about the operation of vending machine, I hope it will be helpful to you. In recent years, market investment has continued to increase, and many investors have set their sights on the vending machines, and got a piece of the pie at the time of the outbreak. 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