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Vending machine of science and technology industry for the future development prospects

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
First of all have a little, that is, the vending machine is promising. Because of the whole economic activities, labor costs continue to rise, but the human in the process of commodity production, circulation, trading share is more and more low, most of the routine, repetitive work is mechanical we can substitute. So, vending machines instead of people to merchandise sales is an inevitable trend, so there is certainly a prospect. The authors take you talk. Since this is the trend, the trend of specific profit model is what? Presented in this paper, in combination with their experiences, I in this two kinds of profit model, I respectively the vending machine profit model 1. 0 version and 2. 0 version. Let's say 1. 0 version. Mention the vending machine, in public impression, is a self-service machine can 24 hour sales plain code marks a price of commodity, such as food, beverage, gadgets, etc. In the traditional sense, therefore, vending machines are put in more populated areas ( Shopping malls, pedestrian zones) Or there are 24 hours ( Mainly the middle of the night) Shopping demand ( Such as community, campus) In order to meet the needs of the consumers. According to this logic, then the vending machine is one of the future prospects for development, greatly saves the manpower of the vending machine replace business super, appear completely by the vending institutions into supermarkets and shopping malls. At present, this mode (in a foreign country Such as Japan, Spain) Has been popularized, the effect is good. Combine with the maturation of mobile payment in recent years, consumers in the vending machine to buy the products prices also rose, so also have more and more business than in toward the model in the effort. 1. 0 version listen some bland? Is nothing but after go to the supermarket did not have the waiter, using credit card, WeChat pay, pay treasure to pay more and more in the vending machine to buy the products. So, the next two. 0 version, just listen to some sense of science and technology. ? (that is, what do you mean a vending machine in product sales, at the same time have the ability of data acquisition, analysis, Is simply a big data) , so can very good master the consumer likes and dislikes, inclination, for example, the number of 9527 people like to eat spicy dry tofu, often buy instant noodles, and spending time mostly in the middle of the night, consumption amount is not high, so according to the analysis, this person should belong to youth consumer groups, is likely to be the student party in this way, the user can according to the analysis as recommended products ( Listen like taobao recommend right? Yes, this is the meaning) 。 Finally, add, and if the imagination open large enough, we will think about this question, if logistics and big data developed enough, we may don't need super and vending machines, instead of from the warehouse to the consumer or from the factory to the consumers more direct way. By that time, the vending machine may become many logistics company and sorting robots, running in the streets, busy in the communities, the consumer goods directly to the consumer's hands.
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