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Vending machine novice entry strategy

by:Haloo      2023-03-22
Now there are more and more people who operate vending machines, and for novices, they may be a little bit at a loss in terms of operation. Because the quality of the vending machine business depends on how the operator operates. Many people don't know how to start a vending machine business. According to industry insiders, location, equipment, and products for sale are all important factors. Today, let's talk about the precautions: The profit model of beverage and snack vending machines is actually very simple, and the direct way is to do retail. Like a convenience store, it earns the price difference, but it is much more flexible than traditional convenience stores. 1. Placement We all know that the placement of vending machines is very important. Rational places are usually in schools, hospitals, airports, stations, etc. The effect of gymnasiums, residential areas, commercial streets, and office buildings is also very good. The principle is to choose places with a large number of people, relatively closed space, and less surrounding competition. 2. Choose the right equipment Beverage and snack vending machines play a key role in the vending process, so you must choose the equipment carefully. As a tool for making money, its quality and after-sales service are very, very important. When purchasing, you must not choose equipment that is too low in price. The beverage and snack vending machine developed by our company is a cost-effective, high-tech automatic vending equipment. The manufacturer is responsible for all after-sales work, and can provide entrepreneurs with a variety of cooperation models. It is a very good purchase and lease option. . 3. Selection of products for sale As a kind of offline retail terminal, vending machines cover a relatively limited range, and all they digest are nearby markets, so we must pay great attention to the repurchase rate, so the choice of products for sale is more about food, beverages, Daily fast-moving consumer goods such as snacks, fruits and vegetables, and lunch boxes. Of course, entrepreneurs can also choose more suitable selling products according to their actual situation. To achieve profit expansion, it is necessary to increase revenue and reduce costs. 1. Two payment methods Now mobile payment has become the mainstream, but traditional cash payment is still a very important part, such as the elderly, middle school students, foreign tourists and other people, and for example, online payment failure caused by network fluctuations, all need cash paid. 2. Be good at using background analysis data. Vending machines have already been intelligentized. Remote management can be used to monitor the sales and status of equipment in real time. Operators can regularly download data reports for analysis, because sales and profits are not always directly proportional. , it is necessary to reasonably allocate commodity quotas based on data. 3. Pay attention to advertising Vending machines should also pay attention to advertising, because the display advertising revenue actually has a very large audience, and the profit is also very considerable. To achieve the above aspects, it is very easy for the vending machine to make a profit.
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