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Vending machine manufacturers: What is the development prospect of vending machines?

by:Haloo      2023-03-29
Vending machine manufacturers There is still a huge vacancy in the domestic vending machine market, which can be compared at home and abroad. In Japan, more than 100 million people own more than 5 million vending machines of various types; in the United States, more than 300 million people also own more than 5 million vending machines; vending machine. In China, 1.4 billion people only own more than 200,000 vending machines. Vending machines are for retail. The more people, the denser the advantages, the market potential of China is still very large! It’s just that the economy in many parts of China is not developed enough, and the labor cost is still very low. Using vending machines for retailing does not reflect much cost advantage. Now it is popular in some first- and second-tier cities, and the inland backward cities are not yet a lot of. But with the development of the economy, the demand for vending machines will definitely increase. Now vending machines are mainly used in schools, factories, hospitals, subways, high-speed rail stations, railway stations and other places. These places are crowded and relatively closed, with little competition, and are generally profitable. Many relatively large operating companies and Machine manufacturers have already begun to lay out. From the perspective of the development trend of vending machines, its appearance is the product of the transformation from a labor-intensive industrial structure to a technology-intensive society. Large-scale production, mass consumption, changes in consumption patterns and sales environments require the emergence of new distribution channels; while the emergence of new distribution channels such as supermarkets, department stores, and shopping centers, labor costs are also rising; coupled with site limitations As well as the constraints of these factors such as the convenience of shopping, unmanned vending machines came into being as a necessary machine. Its appearance is not accidental, but an inevitable product. Vending machines need to be continued to be profitable. The most important thing is the selection of points and the attributes of the products to be sold. The profit model of vending machines is very simple. The most direct profit model is retailing, selling snacks and drinks like small stores to earn profit from the price difference. However, vending machines are more flexible than small stores. Parks, squares, schools with many people Teaching buildings, libraries, halls, dormitories, hospital halls, subways, railway station waiting rooms, etc. can be used in various places; there is an additional profit method that is the profit of the advertising business, which is to play various advertisements on the large display screens on the vending machines. This kind of advertising, the market is also quite large. Vending machine manufacturers The vending machine industry is moving towards informatization and further rationalization. For example, the online mode is implemented, and the inventory information in the vending machine is transmitted to the computers of each business point in a timely manner through the telephone line, thereby ensuring the smooth progress of product delivery, replenishment and product selection. Moreover, in order to prevent global warming, the development of vending machines is devoted to energy saving, and energy-saving refreshing beverage vending machines have become the mainstream of this industry. During peak power consumption in summer, this type of vending machine can keep low temperature even with the cooler turned off, and it can save 10-15% of electricity compared with previous vending machines. When entering the 21st century, vending machines will also further develop in the direction of resource and energy saving and high functionality. Automation is the future development trend, whether it is manufacturing, service or retail. We will all see more devices replacing humans. Under such a big trend, the prospect of the vending machine industry is bright.
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