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Vending machine manufacturers: What are the methods of operating vending machines?

by:Haloo      2023-03-29
Vending machine manufacturers talked about the gap between China's self-service vending machines and advanced countries and how to catch up. The president of Japan's TKB International Trading Co., Ltd. Kitasato Fumi believes that the main gaps are: First, the quality stability and variety of vending machine equipment sex. The second is the gap in the operation and management of vending machines. Japan uses a perfect and meticulous background management system combined with careful personnel system management to control the error rate between the amount of sales money recovered in the operation of vending machines and the value of goods sold. Within 0.05%, the chance is zero error rate. At present, the error rate of 'money and goods' of Chinese operators is as high as 5%. The third is that the business content of Japanese companies is more subdivided, work efficiency is improved, and corporate management is more detailed. China's vending machine industry is still in the adjustment period of development, and it is worth learning from foreign counterparts. If you want to operate a vending machine well, the most important thing is three elements. Customers who choose beverage and snack vending machines need to pay attention to the following: 1. The problem of location selection: first of all, it is necessary to choose a location with a large flow of people. In addition, when choosing a spot, it also depends on the quality of the flow of people. It is not necessarily good if there are many people and a large flow. 2. The issue of product selection Understand the age level and preferences of the crowd in the place where the product is placed. If we put it in office buildings, factories, and parks, we can do a market survey first to understand the preferences of customers, and choose products according to the proportion of the information filled by customers. 3. Product profit. The profit of commodities is also a key to making money. For example, the profit returned by candy and chewing gum is far greater than the value of the products sold, but the scale of your sales is much larger than that of other products, or you must be in the same location Place more than one vending machine. 1. Direct purchase from vending machine manufacturers At present, there are many well-known vending machine manufacturers in China. Interested operators can purchase equipment directly from the manufacturers and operate the equipment independently. In addition to cash payment, the current vending machine also has mobile payment, so there is no need to run out of paper coins too often; there is also background management, through the mobile computer terminal, you can check the status of the equipment, the sales volume and remaining quantity of the goods are replenished in time, and the operation is started. It is much more convenient. 2. Cooperative leasing There are two ways of cooperative leasing: 1. The lessee pays the rent to use the machine, and operates the machine independently. If there is a problem during the lease period, the vending machine manufacturer will repair it (if it is not reported, it will be considered damaged), and all the profits from the operation will belong to the lease. All of them. 2. The leaser cooperates with the vending machine manufacturer, and only needs to pay a deposit. The manufacturer provides the equipment, and the leaser operates independently, but the profit is distributed in proportion to the manufacturer. This leasing method reduces the risk of investors. 3. Operators who provide venue cooperation only provide free venues for vending machine manufacturers to lay and operate, and the profits are distributed in proportion to coordination between the two parties. This is usually in parks and industrial parks to meet the needs of tourists or employees, and to help and benefit each other. Vending machine manufacturers 4. Agent joining is a common mode in the vending machine industry. The vending machine of a certain brand manufacturer joined by an agent can get the equipment for delivery after paying a deposit. After the operation reaches the specified time, the brand manufacturer You can get your deposit back. During the operation period, brand manufacturers provide machines, commodities and skills for sale, so that operators are more convenient, but the profits they get are correspondingly small.
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