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Vending machine manufacturers: How can vending machines make more profits?

by:Haloo      2023-03-29
Vending machine manufacturers There is still a huge vacancy in the domestic vending machine market, which can be compared at home and abroad. In Japan, more than 100 million people own more than 5 million vending machines of various types; in the United States, more than 300 million people also own more than 5 million vending machines; vending machine. In China, 1.4 billion people only own more than 200,000 vending machines. Vending machines are for retail. The more people, the denser the advantages, the market potential of China is still very large! It’s just that the economy in many parts of China is not developed enough, and the labor cost is still very low. Using vending machines for retailing does not reflect much cost advantage. Now it is popular in some first- and second-tier cities, and the inland backward cities are not yet a lot of. But with the development of the economy, the demand for vending machines will definitely increase. Now vending machines are mainly used in schools, factories, hospitals, subways, high-speed rail stations, railway stations and other places. These places are crowded and relatively closed, with little competition, and are generally profitable. Many relatively large operating companies and Machine manufacturers have already begun to lay out. Vending machines are everywhere these days. With the popularity of mobile payment, the development of vending machines is unbelievable. Such a rapid development must have its inevitability, that is, vending machine stores bring business opportunities, and investors are aware of this problem. . What investors need is an investment project that can make money and the threshold is not too high. In terms of these two aspects, the investment in vending stores is the most suitable investment project for investors at present. Profit analysis of vending machine stores: Many investors may not know how high the profit of opening a vending machine store is? The most popular way is to speak by numbers. The daily income of vending machines at different points is different. According to one The daily turnover of the machine is between 150-200 yuan, and 4500-6000 yuan a month. Subtracting the purchase cost, there is still a gross profit of 2250-3000 yuan. Subtracting about 500 yuan per month for land rent and electricity, the net profit should be more than 1,700 yuan. For a better location, the owner may have to raise 7-8% of the turnover, and the net profit is about 1,400 yuan. Vending machine manufacturers talked about the gap between China's self-service vending machines and advanced countries and how to catch up. The president of Japan's TKB International Trading Co., Ltd. Kitasato Fumi believes that the main gaps are: First, the quality stability and variety of vending machine equipment sex. The second is the gap in the operation and management of vending machines. Japan uses a perfect and meticulous background management system combined with careful personnel system management to control the error rate between the amount of sales money recovered in the operation of vending machines and the value of goods sold. Within 0.05%, the chance is zero error rate. At present, the error rate of 'money and goods' of Chinese operators is as high as 5%. The third is that the business content of Japanese companies is more subdivided, work efficiency is improved, and corporate management is more detailed. China's vending machine industry is still in the adjustment period of development, and it is worth learning from foreign counterparts.
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