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[Vending machine] Just go and travel? Easier with TA

by:Haloo      2021-04-19
Modern people attach great importance to the quality of life, and tourism can not only bring endless fun to life, but also beneficial to health. Going into the embrace of nature, breathing fresh air and admiring the green mountains and green waters can give a complete rest to the body and mind. Tourism can benefit people of all ages. So, where should I travel? 1. Daocheng, Sichuan 'You can't enter Sichuan if you are old, and you can't leave Shu when you grow old.' It is the land of Bashu, Sichuan. Delicious, delicious, delicious mountain and beautiful water, 'I don’t want to go when I comeReasons to linger; from the Chonggu Temple you can overlook the peaceful and beautiful villages, and you can also make pious wishes for the Blue Moon Valley. 2. Yunnan Shuanglang After busy with the thesis and defense, you might as well go to Yunnan Shuanglang to experience the poetic habitat. Shuanglang is cleaner than Lijiang and more sentimental than Dali. The blue of the Wangerhai Lake seems to have accidentally spilled the paint of the gods. It is so stunning and so intoxicating~ 3. Taiwan's Yilan Yilan, a small city in Taiwan, is not as prosperous as Taipei and Kenting. , But it has its own flavor. If you have read 'I May Not Love YouThere is the National Traditional Art Center here, where the old objects touched by time are shining, and you can also see a variety of traditional craft performances passed down through generations~ There are also many cozy homestays, and listen to the joys, sorrows, sorrows and ordinaryness of the locals. Every bit, you will also find these short stories a bit philosophical and a bit charming. As a literary and artistic person, you can return to the simple customs in this small Taiwanese town and soothe your impetuous soul. Have you thought about where to travel with your family? It doesn’t matter if you don’t think about it, anyway, it’s popular nowadays if you want to leave, just leave~ But if you want to leave, just go and play well. You must always pay attention to intelligence during your journey to make your travel easier~ Let’s imagine What can help you on the journey! When you are traveling daily, you will inevitably encounter the dilemma that you are in urgent need of drinking water but you can't find retail stores or supermarkets, and the vending machine only needs a mobile phone to follow the steps to easily complete all the purchase processes. Even in the scenic area, you don't need to go out of the scenic area gate, just find the self-delivery vending machine to buy the items you want. Today's self-service vending machines are not just selling drinks, various snacks, daily necessities, even toys, souvenirs, etc., and are designed to save the unhappy of forgetting to bring things on the journey! Moreover, the response is quick and the payment is convenient. You only need a mobile phone to face the operating instructions on the unmanned vending machine, and follow the steps to easily complete all the purchase processes.
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