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Vending Machine|Have you seen the vending machine on the train?

by:Haloo      2021-09-26
We are all familiar with vending machines. You can see them in the streets, shopping malls, campuses, or office buildings. And the appearance is getting more and more exquisite, colorful and interesting body packaging, one by one with a transparent grid of commodity display positions. No need to line up, you can buy it with your phone. The fast shopping experience and intelligent service make it very popular.   During the Spring Festival this year, China Southern Railway launched the first batch of vending machines in the country on the Z66 train from Nanchang to Beijing West, allowing 'star service' and 'technology' elements to enter the train to serve passengers. There are also vending machines on the train. 24-hour self-service shopping 'melon seeds, peanuts, ham, cigarettes, beer, mineral water, and the passengers in front of you, please collect your legs'. , And the cries that affect the rest, you don’t have to wait for the stroller. 24-hour service vending machine, if necessary, just walk over, choose the goods you want, and then choose the payment method. The vending machine on the train is paid by mobile phone, Alipay and WeChat are both is allowed. After the payment is completed, the cabinet of the desired product will pop up directly. Everyone can eat the goods without worry, it is still very simple and convenient. The prices of the goods in the vending machines on the train are cheaper!    Everyone knows that snacks and drinks on the train are generally more expensive than usual, but the prices of the goods on the train vending machines are still cheaper than the prices of other food on the train Some. There are four vending machines on the train, with a total of 80 product compartments, and more than 20 kinds of snacks such as chicken wings, walnuts, dairy products, and chocolates for passengers to choose from. When the goods are sold out, the train administrator will replenish the vending machine based on the background data. Fully meet everyone's needs for shopping 24 hours a day.  Why did vending machines become a hot spot for new train retail?   Why did trains choose vending machines as a retail entry point? Thanks to its small body, it can penetrate the last 500 meters of users’ lives. With the support of the network environment, it supports quick payment methods such as Alipay and WeChat. The intelligent vending machine is fully networked and implements network operations, including system status, system failures, material channel failures, stock outs, and sales data will be promptly fed back to the administrator's cloud platform. Fully realized the large-scale operation and network management of vending machines.   Nowadays, more and more vending machine operators are no longer limited to the single selling function of traditional vending machines. They have carried out new retail black technology innovations in terms of complete functions and diverse fun, making them more and more intelligent. And for different customer needs, provide the best segmented products and professional smart retail scenario solutions.   In addition, the vending machine also has a touch screen and AI face recognition function. You can click on the touch screen to select the type of goods you want, and then you can pay quickly and safely through the face recognition of the smart vending machine. No more than 2 seconds after payment, the product will pop up immediately. The new era of smart new retail has come, do you look forward to it more?
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