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[Vending machine] Doraemon in the vending world

by:Haloo      2021-04-19
I remember when I was young I liked watching Doraemon at home. Every time I see Doraemon pull out all kinds of fun things from his treasure bag, I always envy Nobita. I often imagine myself having a Doraemon. Although this dream is impossible to realize, you can also have what you want anytime, anywhere through him-the vending machine. Speaking of vending machines, I believe everyone is familiar with it; as early as the 1st century AD, the device for automatically selling holy water made by the ancient Greek Hiro was considered to be the earliest vending machine in the world. Today's automatic unmanned vending machines began with the development of vending machines selling cigarettes in the United States in 1925. Since then, various modern vending machines selling stamps, tickets, and drinks have appeared one after another. But now, the things sold by vending machines are getting richer and more novel. For example, the French short story vending machines, baguette vending machines, lipstick vending machines, car vending machines, hairy crab vending machines, lipstick vending machines that were previously powerfully screened...In short, how big the human brain is, the vending machine How many surprises can I give you! Moreover, vending machines are open all year round, open 24 hours a day, and maintain consistent good service. There are simply too few restaurants like this, but vending machines can do just that. Needless to say, the advantages of vending machines, coin-operated shipments, imagine dragging the exhausted body of a 'tired dog' on the way from get off work, standing in a bus stop in the sweltering summer and waiting for a public house to go home, if you go from the vending machine next to it Don’t be too cool to drink a can of cool carbonated beverages! However, it looks good, and the pain points behind it are also infinite, such as: what should I do if it is out of stock? Vending machines are so widely distributed, you can't spend manpower on inspections, right? Or, how do you know which product is more popular? No matter how good a machine is, it is still a machine, and no one counts the shortcomings. But the vending machine turns the pain point into a feature, making the management of the vending machine smarter! With the support of the background management system, the operator can try to check the sales, sales, inventory, and fault status of each machine at any time, and can grasp the machine operation in time, deal with the machine out of stock and machine failure in time, and can have a plan and Focus on the management of machines with high sales and good efficiency, and improve the overall operating efficiency of the machines. So, if you are interested in the operation of vending machines, then Guangdong is your choice.
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